Yesterday’s coverage of the Adrian Gonzalez trade to the Red Sox was the rare one that would’ve benefited from the old 24-hour news cycle. Why is that? When 2:00pm yesterday came without an agreement or announcement of a trade, the world of Twitter exploded. Some reports had the trade dead, others said that a trade could still go through without an extension. Some said Gonzalez wanted too much, others said the Red Sox were hesitant to pay a player coming off shoulder surgery. Nick Cafardo was on the right track, but also reported all the other rumors as well.

Then word came out that Jayson Werth, another possible Red Sox target, had agreed to a huge deal with the Washington Nationals, and it started all over again.

Finally, word starting coming out last evening that the trade was going to finally go through, and that the Red Sox have scheduled a press conference for 11:00 this morning to introduce Gonzalez.

In the old days, there would’ve been time for all the information to be gathered in time for newspapers to arrive this morning, and the reader would’ve been fully educated on the process, and spared some of the angst experienced yesterday. There might’ve been a line in there somewhere that said “At one point yesterday afternoon, the sides were far enough apart that it seemed a deal would not get done, but the sides persevered and both sides felt comfortable making the deal official.”

I think Rich Levine agrees with me on this.

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One thought on “Sox Get Their Man, Patriots Get Back To Work

  1. Jon Heyman laid an egg yesterday, or he was all too willing to be a patsy for Gonzalez's agent. Why does he get attribution for being the first to report the deal was done, when he was also the first to report that the deal was dead six hours earlier? That kind of fast-and-loose work shouldn't be rewarded. On and on we go.


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