The Red Sox appear to make their biggest trade since Curt Schilling was acquired with the news from Buster Olney this morning that Boston has agreed to terms with the San Diego Padres on a deal with will bring slugging first baseman Adrian Gonzalez to the Red Sox.

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This story is a nice distraction to keep us busy until Monday night’s Patriots-Jets showdown. Here’s a quick peek at the ticket situation:

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5 thoughts on “Red Sox Make That Big Splash, Set To Aquire Adrian Gonzalez

  1. John Heyman of SI is saying Gonzalez is not going to Boston because both sides cannot come to an agreement. My guess is Gonzalez wants a similar contract to Texiera but maybe the Sox think it could be a bit too high. Red Sox cannot use money as an excuse for not signing someone like Gonzalez. They are slowly sliding down the relevancy pole. With the money Henry has spent on Liverpool, fans will not accept cash as being a reason they cannot sign an elite player.


    1. The, "is it a Red Sox town or a Patriots town?" is an idiotic question to begin with. The media loves to pull this one out everytime it's a slow news day. Both teams are very popular. End of story.


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