Just a quick note and bit of shameless self-promotion…

If you see Patriots Football Weekly on the newsstands this week, be sure to pick up a copy and check out my media column for the month, entitled   For Pats, Nantz and Simms part of the family.

The column is a look at how CBS announcers Jim Nantz and Phil Simms have become almost the “official” TV broadcast team of the New England Patriots. No duo since 2000 has called more Patriots games, and no analyst has covered the Patriots more in franchise history – tomorrow will be the 82nd Patriots game that Phil Simms has done on network television – 62 since the year 2000. Nantz will call his 42nd Patriots game since 2000 tomorrow.

The column also looks at some other interesting Patriots broadcast tidbits over the decades, such as who is second on the list of announcers who have called the most Patriots games on network televsion? What was the worst decade for announcers? Who were some of the names who called only one Patriots game in their career? What year did Al Michaels call his first Patriots game?

The data for this column was compiled largely by the crew on the forum at The506.com and in particular, a 24-year Patriots season ticket holder.

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  1. Nantz sounds much like Mike Breen when he calls Celtics games; largly dismissive of the New England team.


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