I apologize for the lack of an update yesterday, I needed to take a sick day. I appreciate all the angry emails. I really do.

The Patriots return from their break today to begin preparation in earnest for the huge game with the New York Jets on Monday night. Even if Tony Massarotti doesn’t know the first thing about the NFL tiebreakers, even he knows this is a huge game for the Patriots.

Pats vs. Jets hits a whole new level – Mike Reiss has these AFC rivals hitting an all-time high in terms of anticipation for their next meeting.

Patriots begin key stretch drive against the Jets – Ian Rapoport says that the real story of the 2010 Patriots will begin on Monday night. Danny Picard has Tom Brady with a similar sentiment.

Block to be tackled – Monique Walker has the Patriots rookies looking to avoid hitting the rookie wall, with the help of the veterans on the team.

Pass it on: From front to back, Pats’ pass defense a liability – Glen Farley says that the Patriots pass defense is pathetic.

It’s defense that will tell if they stand a chance – Greg A Bedard says that the poor defense is what is going to determine the Patriots fate this season.

Coaches see Jets team that hasn’t changed all that much– Paul Kenyon’s Patriots Journal has the Patriots seeing much the same from the Jets. The Globe notebook from Shalise Manza Young has Bill Belichick focused on the Jets rather than the Denver taping scandal. A CSNNE.com notebook from Tom E. Curran has Belichick praising Rex Ryan. The Herald notebook from Ian R. Rapoport has Darrelle Revis confident of a Jets win, but not revealing who he will be covering on Monday night.

KG, Shaq have found fountain of youth – Tim Weisberg has the old-timers keeping each other young.

Keep it simple, Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis – Mark Murphy has the Celtics reserve big man making big contributions. The Globe notebook from Julian Benbow has more on Davis.

Breaking down what the Matt Hunwick trade means for the Bruins – DJ Bean lets us know what impact of the Bruins trade yesterday will ultimately be for the team. Fluto Shinzawa has more on the trade, which clears up cap space for the return of Marc Savard.

How Mike Cameron has suddenly become very important to the Red Sox – Rob Bradford looks at why the outfielder could be big in 2011 for the Red Sox.

We’ll avoid the Derek Jeter talk, except for some thoughts from Chad Finn on why the Sox should stay far away from the Yankees captain.

12 thoughts on “Patriots Get Back To Work, So Does BSMW

  1. Bruce,

    Yesterday the editor of the Phoenix tweeted that the sale of FNX was bs:
    "How many people besides @BostonTweet & @UniversalHub got punk'd by Media Farm's fake @WFNX news item? For the record: it's total bullshit"


    1. Unless Bruce wants to start covering the Denver Broncos, I don't see why. There was an awful Shaughnessy column on the subject, but that's like writing about water being wet.


      1. Oh gee, I don't know maybe he should cover an ex-BB coach getting busted in another video taping scandal…


        1. I think the difference is that the media, in general, is not making a big deal out of it.

          It doesn't involve the Patriots and it doesn't involve (directly) a coach the media despises–Belichick. So to the media, while it's an opportunity for them to point fingers and say, "see, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree," they also know that most people don't care about what a terrible 3-8 team was doing before a game that they lost (remember, they lost that game to SF anyway).

          And speculate as they might, there's absolutely no evidence that the Patriots ever filmed anyone's practice(s)–Belichick emphatically said, after Tomase's bogus story ran, that he'd never observed any other team's practices during his 30+ years of coaching. Regarding the filming of signals, he admitted to that, because, believe him or not, he said he thought what he was doing was legal based on the wording of the rule in the NFL's Constitution and Bylaws.


  2. The comments on Massaroti's columns are "appointment reading" – better than his column. Hard to believe he gets paid for turning in that dribble…


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