The news that Victor Martinez would be signing with the Detroit Tigers set off Red Sox everywhere yesterday, as suddenly they wanted to call into sports radio and vent about the lack of action by Theo Epstein and company this offseason. Both sports radio stations took calls from frustrated fans, many of whom are of the opinion that the Red Sox are not interested in competing or winning in 2011, are too in love with their prospects, and that the ownership is too distracted with their shiny new English soccer team to pay attention to the baseball team.

While I can empathize with the frustrations of fans, part of it reminds me of the cry this Patriots offseason, prior to the draft that “They have no tight ends!!!!” Sometimes you need to wait things out before making a judgement on a club’s decisions.  If the Red Sox lose Martinez and Adrian Beltre this offseason (which is expected) but pick up Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, fans might feel different.

Risky Business: Breaking down the Red Sox decision on Victor Martinez – Alex Speier dives into the subject, looking at the team’s decision to gamble on the unproven, disappointing, and injury-prone Jarrod Saltalamacchia as their everyday catcher.

Don’t judge Red Sox on one loss – Gordon Edes says that Epstein is placing the same kind of bet on Saltalamacchia that Dan Duquette made on Jason Varitek.

What to watch for Thursday against the Lions – Christopher Price has some things to look for from the Patriots tomorrow. Tom E. Curran has a preview as well.

Turkey Wart – Game Eleven At Detroit – Chris Warner is more thankful than worried…but he’s still worried.

Plenty of Patriots throwbacks on display at Ford Field on Thursday – Glen Farley has a couple of Patriots from the 1990’s on the Lions coaching staff.

Injured players try to kick in – Shalise Manza Young’s notebook has Stephen Gostkowski and Leigh Bodden around to offer moral support to their teammates. The Herald notebook from Ian R. Rapoport and Karen Guregian has Gostkowski expecting to be ready for 2011. The Patriots Journal from Robert Lee has the Patriots focusing on rookie Ndamukong Suh.

Garnett, Shaq tandem provides punch at both ends – A. Sherrod Blakley has the big man duo enjoying being on the same side after so many battles over the years. Mark Murphy has KG comparing Shaq to fresh laundry.

Growth spurt for guard – Julian Benbow has Nate Robinson’s game maturing.

Evaluating the Horton-Wideman deal – Joe Haggerty thinks that both teams won.

Bruins rally around idea of better starts – Stephen Harris has the Bruins looking to dominate games from the opening face off.

7 thoughts on “V-Mart Gone, What’s The Next Move?

  1. agree Bruce…..isn't that what the "fans" (and media) who make the most noise do though?…They go off half-cocked because they know nothing can be proven for at least 4 months. The Red Sox may very well be shooting themselves in the foot but can we at least wait until we see the final roster before we get all HYSTERICAL? oh that's right, being rational has no place in sports talk radio land. I forgot.

    Go back and look at some of the things that were being written and said the day after the Randy Moss trade. hmmmmm….funny how nobody talks about Moss anymore.


    1. ????…I think you missed the point. Which was fans and media getting all hysterical and acting like the world is coming to an end WAY TOO SOON. That's what they did with Moss "OH NO!..WHO'S GONNA STRETCH THE FIELD??!!!"….now they are doing it over V-Mart "OH NO! …WHO'S GONNA BE THE SOX CATCHA!!??" ……as far as i know opening day isn't until early April. Who knows? Maybe you'll like the Red Sox roster by then……whatever, if you enjoy ranting and raving now go for it.


      1. Angry Bastard, I thought you never listen to talk radio or read the papers anymore…because writers and the talking heads go off half cocked?
        For a guy who never listens to sports radio and reads the papers, sounds like you know an awful lot about who's saying and writing what.

        you and bruce and everyone need to give folks a break. it's perfectly reasonable for fans to question the sox moves (or lack of) so far. we realize it's the not april yet and the final roster hasn't been set… but their letting go of vmart isn't a good sign. they're not signing or trading for gonzalez…at least not this offseason. crawford is overrated. VMart was the best pure hitter on the market and now he's gone. I'm not being hysterical… i'm just making a point.


        1. Well , I'm a regular at this site, so yes I do know an awful lot about who's saying and writing what. Enough to know that the people who are writing and talking are wrong about 95% of the time.


      2. 1 WEEK LATER….THIS was my point. So how do you like the Red Sox lineup NOW?…..yes, yes, I know neither Carl Crawford or Adrian Gonzalez play catcher but are people still in a tizzy that the Sox didn't re-sign Victor Martinez ???…..patients, people. patients


  2. I agree about waiting until the off-season plays out before forming a judgment — but the problem is we waited all of LAST off-season for "the big move" and it never materialized then either.

    If they don't land Gonzalez, this ownership group is going to be questioned by fans and the media alike. The fact they're not into "long term deals" indeed makes you wonder if they're not thinking about selling the club sooner than later. It's at least a legitimate question to ask.


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