And here you thought that with the Minnesota game in the past, all the Randy Moss talk that has dominated sports radio would start to fade. Silly you.

The Vikings abruptly released Moss yesterday, though it seems that Brad Childress made the decision without the approval of some members of management and his team. Still, when you read stories like this by Michael Silver, you sort of see how Moss perhaps forced their hand. Silver, while an excellent NFL writer, is also the “growing disconnect” guy, so I’ve started taking what he says with a grain of salt, but this story sounds well-supported. Of course, the other school of thought is that Childress is just over his head there.

Teams will now get a chance to put in a waiver claim for Moss, or should he pass through, they can fight for his services as a free agent. That of course means endless speculation about his destination, and whether, should he be available to them, if the Patriots would be interested in bringing him back.

While I’ll never say never, I find it extremely unlikely that the Patriots would be interested in bringing Randy Moss back, despite the open affection they’ve displayed for him. He just doesn’t fit with the changes they’re trying to make in their offensive philosophy.

The other news this morning, as first reported by….wait for it….Adam Schefter of ESPN is that Logan Mankins will sign his tender (not a long-term deal) and report to the Patriots today, ahead of when he was required to in order to get his year of service.

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  1. Happy or angry, moss added another weapon to an already stacked team. I am surprised that they haven't been able to put it together yet! Sad to see him leave,…would loved to see more Favre to Moss TDs…



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