The Patriots used a strong second half to pull away from Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings 28-18 at Gillette Stadium yesterday afternoon. The win pushed the Patriots to 6-1 on the season, best in the NFL.

Brett Favre was knocked out of the game in the fourth quarter on a Myron Pryor hit, and Randy Moss had one of the most memorable post-game press conferences by an opposing player that we’re ever likely to see.

Ten Things We Learned Sunday: Patriots, Vikings couldn’t be more different – Christopher Price runs through some of the key points from yesterday. Tom E. Curran has five thoughts.

New faces, not new foundation – Greg A Bedard says that Bill Belichick has flipped the script on what brought the franchise to unprecedented heights in his first five seasons.

Brandon Tate opens eyes with Randy Moss-like showing – Ron Borges has the second year receiver coming up with some big plays yesterday, including a 65-yard TD catch on a broken play.

Bill Belichick, Patriots up to old tricks – Mike Reiss looks at the Patriots improving to a surprising 6-1 record.

Patriots’ smarts are making the difference – Tom E Curran says that the Patriots are taking advantage of opponent miscues, and limiting their own.

Now do you get what I’ve been telling you? – Mike Felger says “I told you so.”

Defense bends, but doesn’t break – Mark Farinella has the defense making the big plays when they needed to. Dan Duggan and Andy Vogt have more on the defense.

Green-Ellis has a career game in one half – Robert Lee looks at the big second half for the Patriots running back.

Decision is made to take a stand – Monique Walker’s notebook picks up some of the remaining pieces.

West, Wafer have patched things up – Frank Dell’Apa’s notebook has the Celtics guards working through their issues.

Celts wish for peace, health – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics trying to get themselves well.

Celtics rookies: What I didn’t know about the NBA – Jessica Camerato has the three Boston rookies talking about their first week in the pros.

B’s buying in, things working out – Stephen Harris has the Bruins looking more like they did two seasons ago.

A ring for Freddys’ finger? Ex-Red Sox prospect Sanchez on cusp of title – Alex Speier has the former Red Sox prospect on the verge of the World Series title with the San Francisco Giants.

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20 thoughts on “Patriots Move To NFL Best 6-1 With Win Over Vikings (and Psych contest)

  1. Felger can say, "I told ya so" to somebody else, I'm not going there. Thought I turned to the NFL Network after the game but I had it on Comcast.( they are right next to each other on my cable system) There's Felger trying like hell to get Troy Brown to join him in bashing Moss. (Troy wouldn't take the bait)…….jeeze, Felger is such an annoying little prick….can I say "prick" here?……too late I guess.


    1. It should be prick with a capital "P". As long as he's the competition, I'll listen to the Big Show, unless Larry Johnson is on. Then I'll listen to Oldies. I'm amazed that Felger's still on. He's had the same contrarian act for years. He's the most predictable jerk in the Boston Sports Media, even more than Borges.


      1. I think it comes down to the lesser of two evils, Eddie. Felger can be obnoxious and arrogant, but at least he won't talk over his callers. He even made a point on his show today that he takes stands on sports issues that you or anyone else can call him on later. Ordway's reputation is that he'll sit on the fence and when he does predict something that winds up going horribly wrong, he'll forget he said it in the first place. It would be great if there were other local listening options, but it's all we got.


        1. Both are perfectly logical ideas. But we should mention that as unbearable as Felger is, he doesn't spend most of the show talking about sandwiches and how much he loves food. Boy, WEEI is really competing. Politics in the morning, sports at noon (what a concept!), food in the late afternoon, and Manny bashing in the evening. Fail fail fail…


    2. Moss was just released from the Vikings. I know we dont want to hear Felger say I told you so but he was 100% right on this one. That doesnt mean he isnt a prick but he was ahead of everyone on Moss and the ultimate turn-around of this team.


      1. "ahead of everyone on Moss"???….Felger was bashing Moss in 2007 when Moss was catching 23 touchdown passes and 2008 when Moss had a very good year with Cassell was throwing him him the ball. Not ready to give Felger praise when it took 3 FREEKING YEARS for his "opinion" to FINALLY have some credibility……..If Belichick gets fired in 5 years (just play along) will that mean that Ron Borges was "ahead of everybody" ?


    1. The way I hear it, he needs to pass through the other 31 teams first. Wondering if anyone is going to gamble on him. This is usually the point where the Redskins do something stupid/expensive.


  2. "USA’s hot roster of hit series gives viewers something to warm up to as the days get shorter and the nights grow colder."

    Gag me with a spoon. Really? That is trite bullshit.


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