Things are heating up for this Sunday’s showdown between the Offseason Champion New York Jets and your on-the-decline New England Patriots.

Yesterday was media day with plenty of conference calls, quotes and notes passed around. Tom Brady’s comments(great photo with that column – OK, maybe not, see comment below.) about the fans at Gillette Stadium has certainly stirred things up and gave blabmasters plenty of ammo. But no, Mark Farinella, we’re not blaming the media for Brady’s remarks. We’ll say the reaction has been a little over-the-top, (witness Karen Guregian saying of Brady’s comments “It’s hard to imagine a worse insult or something more blasphemous.“) but no one is saying this is an example of the media “bashing” Brady as Farinella claims.

Brady’s observation is one that has been noted by others over the years as well. Gillette Stadium, for the most part, just isn’t very loud, nor is it an overly hostile place for opponents to play.

Here are the top links and stories for this morning. Check all the Patriots stories at

Worry Wart – Game Two At Jets – Chris Warner goes over his concerns for Sunday.

Differing styles work for Pats, Jets – Mike Reiss says that the way the Jets and Patriots work may be different, but the results are good for each.

Brady’s father accepts son’s bumps and bruises – Lenny Megliola has Tom Brady’s father talking about his son’s accident, and how he worries about him.

Darrelle Revis won’t back off ‘slouch’ remark, Randy Moss – Ron Borges has the Jets corner ready to take on Moss once again.

Faulk: Maroney felt betrayed by trade to Denver – Robert Lee has the longest tenured Patriot talking about how Maroney took the news of his trade to the Broncos.

What do Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan think of each other? – Christopher Price says that the two coaches respect one another.

The Bruins held a rookie game last night against the New York Islanders. Over 11,000 people showed up, indicating the interest people have in the Bruins and getting a look at B’s top pick Tyler Seguin. Check for all the stories.

Boston Bruins prospect Jordan Caron steals the rookies show at TD Garden. – Mike Loftus has the Bruins 2009 top pick stealing the show with a hat trick last night.

Boston Bruins by the letters – Bud Barth has a bunch of notes about the game and the Bruins.

Tyler Seguin passes – Stephen Harris has the rookie doing well in his Garden debut.

Show time – Fluto Shinzawa with a mini-feature on Nathan Horton, says that the winger can blossom here.

Five Bruins who stole the show in the first rookie game – D.J. Bean also report on the action.

The Red Sox finished off a sweep of the Mariners with a 5-1 win in Seattle. Check all the stories at

Do the Red Sox still have a shot? Reassessing the odds – So you’re saying there’s a chance, Alex Speier?

Doing the math for true believers – Gordon Edes says it remains a huge longshot.

Sox should bring back Big Papi – Brian MacPherson says it needs to happen.

Rich Hill’s Milton family on top of the world for Boston Red Sox pitcher – Jay Miller looks at the feel-good story of the Milton native.

Red Sox Journal: Lowrie makes case to play every day – MacPherson has the infielder impressing in September.


9 thoughts on ““Jets Week” Kicks Into High Gear

  1. Bruce, please note that the photo accompanying the Telegram story is photoshopped and is not a real photo. Notice that Brady is wearing the 50th Anniversary patch (from 2009) while the video boards are the new boards (from 2010).


      1. I thought you were being facetious about picture further down. I think the pic at the top was a photoshop done when they anounced the new HD screens at Gillete, to give an idea what they would loook like.


  2. re: Marony feeling "betrayed"… that is such a loaded term.

    Do you think that Welker or Moss felt "betrayed" by their former teams?

    One feels "betrayed" when their new situation is worse than their previous situation. If they played better, then they wouldn't be shown the door. Ask anyone who is layed off or canned if they feel betrayed the day after and they will always say the same.

    Ask someone who gives their two-week notice to go to a better job and you will get a different answer.


  3. as someone who goes to quite a few games (and was a season ticket holder throughout the 1980's) I got to say i agree with Brady……we just aren't very loud at all……the old place was a zoo but it was alot louder…….there is no other way to put it, as a "12th man" WE SUCK……


  4. Did any of you folks hear Massorati on the radio yesterday talking about the Jeter hit by pitch incident in Tampa yesterday? Massorati was saying on the radio that the hit by pitch incident was a chink in jeter's armor, and it was a cheap thing to do. He was whining about how Jeter was trying to sell the play, and his theatrics. Massorati actually compared it to the Arod infield fly ball incident up in Toronto last year. I don't know if Massorati was trying to play the role of the contrarian on this, but he comes off looking like a complete fool. What a dumb viewpiont. The Jeter play isn't remotely similiar to the ARod play. Hitters act like they've been hit by the pitch and try to sell it to the umpires all the time. It's what they do. It's the right play. Every other MLB player would have done the same thing. This wasn't a Jeter thing. For Massorati to have this point of view is pretty amazing.


  5. Has anyone seen Tom E. Curran's new show on Comcast?
    Aweful. Do the producers/writers or whoever dreams up these shows think these ideas through? Watching Curran inteview Jerod Mayo while having a few bites of food from the ten plates of food on the table at Skipjacks is a flat out horrible idea. This little restaurant segment is awkward and just doesn't work.
    The whole show is just aweful. Curran is way out of his element on this.
    These people need to understand that a simple show with a few guys talking football with a non busy non gimmicky set is better than Curran trying uncomfortably to create a hard charging cutting edge show. This show fails in a big way.


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