It seems only fitting.

While at WEEI, Pete Sheppard was the biggest Patriots (and Tom Brady) booster at a station that is still quite pro-Patriot. Sheppard was let go early this year, and had not really surfaced at any media outlet, instead spending his time at Poker tournaments. Sheppard will make his return to sports talk hosting with a weekly internet radio show on

The Pete Sheppard Show” will run from 4:00 – 6:00 pm on Tuesdays, starting next week.

Sheppard made the announcement on his Facebook account, and also noted that he’ll be doing a weekly call-in segment on Fridays at 8:35 am to Rush Radio 1200 AM in Boston.

It’s a start.


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  1. Pete was surprisingly good when he filled in for The Big O on The Big Show, and as has been mentioned many times over the last few months, I think the program has really suffered since his departure. I also doubt the Real Post-Game will be anywhere near as much fun to listen to without him there.

    I realize Pete has his detractors, but I do honestly think he's been missed by many. Certainly I'd rather listen to him instead of Contrarian Felger and "Yes Man" Mazz….speaking of which, I think Pete would be the perfect counterpoint to the two of them! H

    opefully, as Bruce said, this is a start.

  2. Good for Pete, but it's funny that he used to rail against people on the internet (bloggers, message boards, etc…), and now his main income source comes being on

  3. Pete could be somewhat boorish at times. I think he hung around with Smerlas and Deossie so much that he sometimes believed that he too played in the NFL. However he has more talent than a lot of people who are still broadcasting on both sports stations. Mustard, Johnson, Stearns, Meterparel, Gresh, Zolak, Gaspar, Hardy, Sarandis, to name a few.

  4. I was waiting for this, please Sports Hub boot Mazz and replace him with Pete. Mazz is honestly the worst media personality in this market. He brings no new insight into any discussion, it is all just conjecture and fear mongering. Pete vs Felger's fake opinions would be must listen radio and would totally bury The Big Show.

  5. Pete will be great on whatever show he gets. The question however is would 98.5 have hired him or Gresh if they were on the market at the same time. I am convinced they would have hired him because of his success in the Boston market. However I don't know if this point has been brought up anywhere before as I'm new to this site, but wouldn't a Pete/Zo show be more entertaining than Gresh and I like Gresh on the radio, but I would actually listen to Pete/Zo more than Dale and Holley if they had that on the air.

  6. I don't understand how so many people have a positive opinion of Sheppard. He was absolutely awful. All is doing is recycling someone who got let go by another outlet instead of bringing a fresh voice to the market.

    1. I agree. There seems to be alot of frauds on this site. Screaming for Sheppard's job for years…then when he loses it whine that he was a nice guy. I don't get it.

  7. Okay, Its now 9 months later and still there is not even a rumor of what really went down at WEEI. I still find it impossible to believe it was a "cost savings" and I also find it interesting that it took Pete 9 months to find new employment at what looks to me a significant step backwards. How many people could possibly be listening to an internet radio broadcast on a daily basis…500 maybe 1000?

    1. IMHO he became a perceived liability…he grew nasty on too many callers and gave people a reason to change station. Mgmt could sense it. He never could complete his finishing line when doing the reports…i mysefl had to change station everytime he said his line at end of reports.

      1. I hear what you are saying but the same questions we were asking then are relevant now.
        – Being "nasty" to callers and maybe losing them to a rival does not get you fired mid contract. It might get you a stern speaking to and you then tone it down. So if there was an on air event that caused the firing what was it?
        – He was fired mid contract, presumably the contract was bought out, so where were the cost savings? I never bought that line of BS.
        – It took him 9 months to get a new gig. In that time Gary Tanguay droned on at 98.5 (until he was replaced by the bafoon Andy Gresh) and 96.9 has the interminably bad sportshuddle with Eddie A back on. There is definitely room in the market for Sheppard…and all he finds is an internet radio gig with some call ins to a conservative talk radio channel. What did he do that has everyone so hands off?
        – You are telling me that a market like Nashua or Providence did not have a station who wanted to put him on the air. How about 630 WPRO as a companion show to Kordishe's piece of poo? What about voice over work at the 4 letter or Fox Sports national? Not one on TV gig, between NESN and CSN and all their nightly talk shows not there is not one space for him?

        Like I said what did he do and who did he do it to?

        1. You are definitely on to something latetodinner. Keep digging, and you will get to the bottom of the conspiracy.

  8. Pete was a stammering moron. At one time he was a good fill-in for the Big O because he wasn't smart enough to BS like the Big O and let people tallk, but his 'celebrity' went to his head and he figured out he could just yell like all the other morons that show up on WEEI between 2 and 6. He was passionate, but it was clear that he knew little and wasn't smart. Did you hear the time he tried to talk BC football on another station? What about the last few years when any caller who challenged him would be shouted down?

  9. I thought Pete was a clown in his regular role, but I have to say that when he filled in for Ordway, suddenly he became the voice of reason. He seemed to mature in the role, and drop the home/buffoon schtick. I would certainly listen to him as a host over Felger/Maz – they seem to take gleeful satisfaction in attacking Boston sports management, and do little else.

  10. I won't be happy until Meterparel joins the ranks of the unemployed and is reduced to doing play by play for his kids with a Mr. Microphone. At least Sheppard has SOME fans. Is there anyone who likes this anorexic dink?

    1. The best thing about Meter is that you can see how he's trying (in vain) to work his way up to getting a gig as one of the big four professional sports team's announcers…not realizing, of course, that's he's not all that talented, he's not a great personality, and nobody really cares all that much for BC or college football in this town.

  11. Have you ever heard Ordway talk football . He thinks he knows more about it than Fred and Stevve.They kiss his ass just like fhe rest of his co=hosts for fear they will loose the pay for thier guest slot. The liittle man is rude as hell to his co=hosts calling them idiots to thier faces on air boy they really must need the money.Why does he insist on calling Bill B. coach he never played pro sports although he is convined he did. Hey Coach But Coach So Coach ect. give me a break grow up son his name is Bill to you are not a former player.Ordway is the same guy that makes fun of callers for saaying we when talking about thier team.Pete Shepard is at least somewhat entertaining. Truth be known Ordway was behind Petes release.I am guessing Petes not going to be the worst talk show host on tthe air waves.

  12. Pete had his issues but I agree with other posts here that he was much better when he hosted the Big Show when Ordway is out – rational discussions without the yelling. I actually preferred the Big Show with Pete than Ordway as host – it was much easier to listen to. Since they let Pete go the Fraud Show has just gotten worse . . .

  13. I for one miss Pete Sheppard. He brought a certain quality to the show that is lacking now. I hope he does turn up in this market.

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