After a stint of just under a year at the Boston Globe, Albert Breer is taking his talents to the NFL Network. The Globe’s National NFL writer will be covering the East coast for the Network in a writing, reporting and on-air role. According to Chad Finn today, Breer will be leaving after the Patriots play the Porps, er, the Dolphins on October 4th.

Here are the top links for a busy Friday:

Radio ratings game sounds like a good battle – Finn’s media column takes an extended look at the battle between WEEI and WBZ-FM.

Media Roundup: Randy To The Rescue – My Media column for SBNationBoston has Randy Moss bailing out the media with his comments after the game Sunday.

NFL’s opening TV ratings huge – Bill Doyle looks at some huge numbers for the first week of NFL football.

What to watch for Sunday against the Jets – Chris Price tells us what to look for this weekend.

Wes Welker the X-factor against Jets – Mike Reiss says that the key to game might be Welker, and wonders if Revis will cover him.

Sticking is far from a snap – Monique Walker has a nice little profile on linebacker Rob Ninkovich.

Around The League – Week One Recap – Jeremy Gottlieb bounces around the NFL.

 After 13 seasons, Taylor still not at the end of the line – Robert Lee has Fred Taylor still able to get it done.

Showing his metal – Mark Farinella has Wes Welkersticking with knee brace for a while longer.

In this corner – It was fun hearing Michael Holley this morning pick apart the exaggerations in this Darrelle Revis love-fest by Breer.

Strong start for Patriots’ special teams – Price looks at an impressive start for this unit.

Carl Crawford and the Red Sox: Will they end up together? – Rob Bradford examines whether it would be a good fit.

Navarro: Dirt-poor, talent-rich – Amalie Benjamin has a look at 22-year-old Yamaico Navarro and his rise to the majors.

Fresh start for Jarrod Saltalamacchia – Scott Lauber has the catcher glad the Red Sox wanted him.

Stud Sox prospect Ranaudo takes things slow – Mauren Mullen has the Red Sox taking things slow with Anthony Ranaudo.

Talent abounds among Bruins rookies – Joe McDonald says there was plenty of talent on display at the Garden the last two nights.

Time’s now to be a Bruin – Stephen Harris says this should be a highly motivated team.


11 thoughts on “Albert Breer Headed To NFL Network, Patriots, Jets On Tap Sunday

  1. Looks like Einstein has left another job right before his sneering gets him canned. Then again, with CHB still employed at The Globe, he could have been set for life. Hey Al, don't let the door hit your a$$ on the way out.


    1. I haven't seen this guy until he got to the NFL network… and he SUCKS!
      I already can't stand his arrogant, "I know everything" attitude. Hopefully the NFL network will get rid of this idiot soon.


  2. Bert Sneer is to journalism what Lou Saban and Larry Brown are to coaching. Let's see, there was the MetroWest Daily News, Dallas Morning News, the Sporting News, the Globe, and now the NFL Network — all since 2007. Pretty impressive amount of wandering.

    What's the over/under on how long he stays at the new gig? I'm no gambler, but I'm taking the under.


    1. Interesting that you seem to have his resume memorized tho you profess not to appreciate his talents.

      Each of pob's has been lucky to have him; it's always been just a matter of time till his encyclopedic knowledge of the game and its history, his way with words, and his made-for-on-air good looks nabbed him a position with on-air exposure.

      I'm taking bets that someday he'll coach. He's THAT good.


  3. Nooooooooo!!! What will we do without Breer?!?! Oh man, anyone have any ideas on who I can turn to now to get my 'Rex Ryan is the best coach in the league' and 'The Patriots have lost their way when it comes to being a successful organization' fix??

    Great, now watching NFL Network will suck. I can't wait for him and Marshall Faulk to get on the set and talk some Patriots football.

    Oh well… Let's all go and get a Goddamn snack.


  4. KaySaraahSaraah whatever will be will be!

    I understand the coming and going of talent at papers because of their downward spriral but how can anyone hire this putz. I know when I've gone on interviews they asked me why I changed jobs twice over 6 years. (3 and 3). This guys on his what 5th place in 3 years….PLEASE! And his shite su.cks! Maybe he'll declare he's always been a closet Jet fan after he pulls his thumb out of his mouth!


  5. Well, this explains the Jets propoganda from Breer all summer. The NFL network loves guys like Breer. Tom is right, it should be a hatefest when Faulk and Breer get together.


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