The Patriots got off to a fast start yesterday, running out to a 31-3 lead after Brandon Tate returned the second half kickoff for a touchdown. The Bengals scored three touchdowns in the second half, but the Patriots were never seriously in danger in the 38-24 opening day win.

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Tone-deaf Moss shows tender side – Tom E Curran takes a different view than many of his CSN colleagues of the Randy Moss post game press conference. Monique Walker also has a look at Moss’ statements.

Unexpected returns are welcome bonus – Bill Doyle looks at the touchdowns from Gary Guyton and Brandon Tate.

Brady again an in-control freak – Albert R Breer has the QB showing why the Patriots made him the highest paid player in the history of the game.

Opponents weren’t braced for Welker’s return – Frank Dell’Apa has Wes Welker talking about being on the field for opening day.

Good sign Brady & Co. didn’t let lead slip away – Karen Guregian has the Patriots able to put together a long second half TD drive to finish this one off.

Electric youth on display – Andy Vogt looks at an impressive display from the kids.

Overall, they had it covered – Walker’s notebook leads off with more on the young defense.

The Red Sox got a pinch-hit two run single from rookie Ryan Kalish to complete a sixth inning comeback in the 5-3 Boston win over Oakland. Get all the coverage at

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As end nears, Mike Lowell looks back at career – Having announced this weekend that he plans to retire at the end of the season, the Red Sox first baseman looks back at his career with John Tomase.

Beckett escapes early hole – Peter Abraham’s notebook has Josh Beckett overcoming four early walks.

Seguin has familiar look – Fluto Shinzawa has Jamie Arniel comparing the Bruins rookie to Tampa star Steven Stamkos.

Celtics duo give it their best shot – Chris Forsberg has Tony Gaffney and Oliver Lafayette facing an uphill battle to make the Celtics roster.


11 thoughts on “Fast Start Puts Patriots In Win Column

  1. Man, how could such a good day on the field turn into such a bad day off the field?

    First, Moss goes off at the post-game presser, making Felger, Mazz, Shank, Borges, et al, the happiest men in America by 6 p.m. last night. Then we get the reports about Mankins being asked to apologize twice, which scuttled his deal.

    The Pats bashers in the local media are going to have an absolute field day over these two stories—this may have been the first time ever that I deliberately avoided the media coverage the day after a nice Patriots win (of course, I read Reiss and Curran, since they managed to remain level-headed and fair about everything).

    If the Mankins story is true, then I have to say that the organization deserves some criticism–but then again, we probably don't know the whole story.

    It's a good thing they're playing the Jets next week, because the hype surrounding that game eventually has to push these extra-curricular things into the background.


    1. Tony, I disagree with you on Mankins. I supported Mankins because he's a real cowboy and cowboys have a certain code. When Mankins came out a while back and mentioned the Patriots reneged on promises and were questionable with their ethics that's a huge deal. If Shefter is right then Mankins said those things out of frustration and they weren't true.

      He's getting ready to get paid an incredibly amount of money by people he falsely accused of being liars. So he apologized in private but can't do it publicly? I believed Mankins and a public apology (if the story is true) is the bare minimum he should do. And he can't? Frustrated or not he broke the cowboy code and is himself a liar. Maybe more will come out of it and we'll learn more but I've lost respect for him.

      And oh yeah, the line did pretty well yesterday, even though we know it's not smart to put too much stock in the first game of the season.


      1. For what it's worth, Robert Kraft apparently is publicly refuting the story about a deal with Mankins ever being close to done. So now it's really a he said/she said situation.

        I wonder if Mankins' agent was a primary source for this story? If he is, then I'd question every single detail, because we all know how agents can be and how far they're willing to go in order to get their client what he wants (witness Scott Boras orchestrating Manny's departure from Boston from behind-the-scenes two years ago).

        If Mankins wants out of town, then his agent planting this "The Patriots demanded TWO APOLOGIES!!" story, just to stir up more animosity between the two parties, is a good way to accelerate Mankins' departure, isn't it?

        Just a thought.


      2. its pretty simple. If Mankins can call out the integrity of Bob Kraft in the media, then he can suck it up and apologize publicly while he signs his bloated contract that makes him never have to worry about anything in life.


        1. 10-4 on that.

          When the boss signs you a new check for a signing bonus on your $40M+ contract, then I think it is not too much to ask to the employee to "clear the air". Only Mankins and Kraft know what was really said. Comments for the agent don't really count and as usual, Kraft is taking the high road and throwing Mankins a rope so that he can sign the deal while still maintaining his dignity and pride.

          When you look at the BS going on in the league (eg: Haynesworth, etc), you have to feel good about the class the Patriots show despite the press conjecture and scrutiny.


      3. Is the "Cowboy Code" like the "Kangaroo Court" in baseball? Please tell me you're kidding that some outdated, imaginary code of conduct impacts your view this situation at all.


        1. I guess this Kraft/Mankins bruhaha is another example of why none of us should EVER take anything that E!! SPN reports at face value before hearing the other six sides to the story that their "reporters" no doubt failed to mention. Actually, I should have learned my lesson about E!!! SPN during Spygate, right?

          I guess Schefter has fallen victim to the sensationalist mentality down there in Bristol. Too bad, because his stuff usually was pretty reliable before he joined the ENTERTAINMENT and sports programming network.


  2. It's funny, I switched over to the 4pm Fox game after the Pats were over and didn't even know Moss spoke to the media until halftime of the night game.

    As for Mankins, Bob Kraft's comments to WEEI certainly make it sound like there is more to the story than what ESPN reported. I doubt he'd voluntarily go on the radio to claim that there was never a deal with Mankins if there was. He'd just keep his mouth shut.


  3. On Dale & Holley, today, Bob Kraft popped into their booth and gave his side of the story. He maintains that they never had a deal and that Mankins had no problem with going public with his apology and would do so once he signed his deal or was traded. It sounds like Shefter tried to overdramatize the situation.


  4. OH THE IRONY!…..several in the sports media have popped off how Moss's press conference has "taken away" from the Pats Victory……..well, how is that you ask?…..because THE MEDIA won't talk about anything else now!…..If the MEDIA think the Pats victory, Welker's comeback, the Pats defense should be the focus……..THEN FOCUS ON IT!………instead of trying to make Moss's press converence into a "big controversy"


  5. Unrelated… gotta give it up for Alex Speier. His pieces are always rational, without bias, thoughtful, and interesting. He's one of the more underrated guys in the Boston media, and someone who really doesn't seem to ever have an agenda.


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