Tuesday during the NFL season is traditionally report card day, as various outlets weigh in on the performance of the local gridiron squad.

Also today though, Chad Finn reports on the latest radio ratings, where 98.5 defeated WEEI in the all-important 25-54 male demo during all three daytime shows. The numbers, I presume, do not include those of WEEI-FM in the Providence market…

Check all the Patriots stories at PatriotsLinks.com.

Making The Grades – Game One vs Bengals – Jeremy Gottlieb on Patriots Daily grades out the first game of the season.

Patriots Report Card – Professor Ron Borges…and that is literal as Borges is leading a class at a local college, also grades the Patriots and puts Robert and Jonathan Kraft in detention for their comments on Mankins and Moss.

O-Line leads the way in Week 1 – Kirk Minihane also hands out grades.

Bob Kraft must keep band together for Patriots – Gerry Callahan says that Randy Moss has to get a new deal from the Patriots.

This business is all very interesting – Bob Ryan thinks we’ll never quite understand Randy Moss.

Beyond both-end bluster, some questions after Patriots opener – Jonathan Comey still needs a few questions answered about the Patriots.

Patriots Journal: Chung playing up to his potential – Robert Lee has the second year safety all over the field on Sunday.

Jets’ offense not much to look at – Mike Reiss looks at what last night’s Jets game means for the Patriots on Sunday.

Dan Shaughnessy Has a Sniffle – Dan Snapp on Patriots Daily looks at Shaughnessy’s reaction to Moss’ comments.

Jon Lester struck out 12 last night as the Red Sox beat the Mariners, 5-1 in Seattle. Get all the links at RedSoxLinks.com.

Lester continues march to Red Sox history – Alex Speier has Jon Lester becoming the first lefty in Red Sox history to record two straight 200 strikeout seasons.

Jon Lester’s season a striking success – Gordon Edes has Lester putting on a show in his hometown.

Rich Hill back in the big leagues, with the team he grew up watching – Brian MacPherson has the Massachusetts native getting the call from the Red Sox while at the Patriots game with his dad.

Bruins goalie Tim Thomas ready for another challenge – Mike Loftus has the Bruins goaltender about to start another season of attacking preconceived notions.

Ray of sunshine will be missed – Julian Benbow says that Clifford Ray will be missed around the Celtics.


8 thoughts on “Grades Are In: Patriots, 98.5 Top Of Class

  1. Given the fact that we, the followers of Boston sports, are blessed with such insightful, knowledgeable, and hard working 'knights of the keyboard', how come Peter King breaks the Brady contract storyand Adam Schefter breaks the Mankins/Kraft apology for contract story?
    Where were Felger, Borges, Tanguay, Shaughnessy and Gerry Callahan (experts all) when these stories were being developed? Could it be that those "unnamed sources" whose job it is to leak stories on behalf of the teams, don't appreciate the Boston media? Or do they give the story to King and Schefter because they want the story out there without the editorial comment and opinion and prejudices of the locals?


    1. Easy answer to that. King and Schefter are still reporters and constantly work their sources and connections all around the league. Felger, Callahan, Shaughnessy, etc don't leave Boston and simply work from home, submitting subjective opinion columns. They don't travel, they burn bridges, and don't develop inside sources, but rather whine that Belichick (or whatever coach, owner, GM of the Boston teams) doesn't serve them up a story on a silver platter. Which is why the Moss press conf. was devoured by them. Easy, lazy work.


        1. It's becoming increasingly clear that Curran and Reiss are the only football writers affiliated with the Boston sports scene who are worth reading. I'm sure Shank had those two in mind when he called out "credentialed members of the media" who are "loyalists" to the Evil Empire down in Foxboro.

          I guess not dragging along a briefcase full of agendas to work every day with you constitutes being a "loyalist" or a "shill" for a certain team, in Dan's mind anyway.


  2. So the Globe posts this transcript of Moss' appearance:

    Well, notice how they put [bank] in brackets, so as to not to give free advertising to the bank Moss was appearing at.

    Look, it's not a big deal, I know…but the reality is it's presented as a transcript of his appearance…during that appearance he actually said this bank's name. That was PART of the conversation. It's not for the Globe to judge what words are or are not worthwhile to report – when they are supposedly presenting a full transcribed conversation. I mean, God forfend that a bank get two words of free advertising!

    Anyway, maybe I'm the jerk…but it seems so patronizing and pointless for them to make that self-righteous edit.


  3. Im in the Demo, and I dont know anyone who still listens to EEI' . Nice job by The Big Show today discussing erections, boners , women in the locker-room etc. .. Running scared but missing the point.


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