The locals were beaten to the scoop last night when NBC’s Peter King broke the news at halftime of the Saints/Vikings season opener that Robert Kraft had told him that the Patriots had finalized a new four year contract with quarterback Tom Brady.

For all the absurdity that this situation garnered in the offseason, with reports of a “disconnect,” (that were eagerly jumped on by the local media) hints that the situation could get ugly, and that the Patriots were using the upcoming labor situation as an excuse not to pay Brady, the Patriots took care of business and got a deal done that handsomely rewards their superstar and keeps him here through 2014. Some will make the claim that the the Patriots made Brady “beg” for the new deal, and wonder why they waited so long. But they got it done before the Colts and Peyton Manning, despite claims from the Colts owner early this year that Manning would be signed – claims that many took at face value.

Meanwhile, does anyone think it still would’ve been a good idea for Brady to have held out of camp? Would this deal have gotten done? Are you paying attention, Logan Mankins?

It all adds up to a worthwhile deal – Albert R Breer with some analysis on what the deal means for Brady, the Patriots and the league.

Breaking down the Brady deal – Christopher Price says that both sides can claim victory in this deal.

An optimist’s view of Pats season – We’ve heard over and over about all the negatives and uncertainties about this Patriots team. Bill Burt tries to look for the positive.

Accuracy takes hit from rush – Chad Finn looks at the hazards of Twitter as a news source, highlighted by Tom Brady’s life this week. Steve Buckley attempts to defend the actions of the media mob in Foxboro yesterday.

Simms is picking Jets (sort of) – Bill Doyle has CBS’ Phil Simms reluctantly picking the Jets to win the AFC East.

This preseason, Pats in the market for players – Paul Kenyon’s Patriots Journal makes an interesting point – in the last few years, the Patriots were trading away players on cutdown day, this year they were trading for players.

Even Jerod Mayo can’t know – Ian Rapoport’s notebook says that even the Patriots linebacker doesn’t know what to expect from his defense.

Saltalamacchia cherishes chance to prove himself – Daniel Barbarisi has the Red Sox catcher looking to make an impression in the time remaining in the season.

Top 10 places to get better – Peter Abraham’s minor league notebook looks at how only two of the Red Sox top ten prospects showed great improvement this season.

It’s showtime for Red Sox prospects – Joe McDonald has the Red Sox giving the kids a shot.

Versatile Martinez wants a long-term deal – Maureen Mullen looks at what makes Victor Martinez so valuable.

McDonald earned a winter vacation – Abraham’s notebook has Darnell McDonald looking forward to a winter with his family for the first time in his career.

Ice brink – Kevin Paul Dupont has a feature on Bruins top pick Tyler Seguin, the most talked-about Bruins rookie since Joe Thornton.

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14 thoughts on “Brady Signs, Media Sighs

    1. It will be spun that Peyton and the Colts wanted to see what Brady got so they could make sure Peyton got more and was still the highest paid. Im just happy its over with but now dreading that we will get a countdown to the 10th week when Logan really has to come back and over-analyzing every holding penalty or missed block as if that will give Mankins more leverage and justify his hold out.


  1. Mike Felger: "They signed Brady…Great! Fine! But why didn't they sign him at the end of last season?! Why didn't they get the job done before the first preseason game!? Why did they make Brady beg for his new contract?!"

    Mazz: "YARM"


  2. what will the "panic mongers" do now????….no fear!…no fear!……look for these STORYLINES coming to a newspaper/radio station near you!……

    #1) Did the Patriots sign Brady for TOO MUCH!!??……how will they ever sign free agents?

    #2) Will this big contract make Brady FAT AND LAZY!!!???

    #3) will brady's teammates feel jealous and resentfull of him??!…..OH MY!……..have no fear people, the "Panic Mongers" are on the case!


  3. I look forward to the Colts overpaying an older Manning to prove a point now. Or maybe they won't sign him and the media jackals will have to take up that crusade…


    1. In the extremely unlikely event that Manning doesn't get signed, or gets franchised, I'm sure the word "arrogant" will be tossed at Bill Polian's feet by Shank, Mazz, Felger, Borges, et al. Right?




    2. If somehow the Colts don’t sign Payton I’m sure the jackals will find a way to blame it on Bob Kraft being cheap. Then they’ll give Bill Polian a rim job for once again “killing it”, because as everyone knows Bill Polian has never misses. Apparently Bill Belichik was the one who gave up a 2008 first round pick to move up in the 2007 second round in order to pick Tony Ugoh and then cut him 2 seasons latter. Bill Polian has never missed on high draft picks, especially on the talent windfall that was the 2007 draft. The same draft that the Pats only have Wes Welker, Randy Moss and Brandon Merriweather to show for. WORST DRAFT OF THE BELICHICK REGIME!
      I swear, if Felger’s brains were lard you couldn’t grease a skillet with them.


  4. So we should all expect Felger to admit that maybe he was completely wrong about all of this? That maybe the Pats handled this better than the Colts and Saints are handling their superstar QBs? Right?


    Honestly, this Brady contract stuff might have finally ended my afternoon sports talk listening ability/desire. I think I am completely out from 2-6, until Curran finally gets his own show.


  5. Not to quibble here, but Logan Mankins doesn't have an existing contract and wants to be paid more than the tender. So it would be idiotic of him to come to camp and risk injury when he isn't signed for the season, like Brady was and like Revis was for the Jets. Just sayin'


  6. Not related to anything, but is it an odd coincidence that Chad Finn didn't have his weekly online chat today after spending last week defending Shaughnessy's comments about the Pats preseason broadcasts? Seems like Chad caught quite a bit of heat for that on these comment boards. Too bad he wasn't available today for some give and take. Shouldn't he be critical of his own Globe colleagues when it's warranted?


  7. Between Moss, Mankins and next week's game vs. the Jets, this is going to be the longest seven days in recent sports media memory. We've all been warned.


  8. Honestly I was so hopeful with 98.5. Now it is just who can say they hate the pats more and calling everyone who doesnt agree a homer. Talk about a non alternative to 850. Do they understand how lucky we are? Look at the Rams and Carolina and even the Eagles compaired to the Pats. The Colts have been to two super bowls total in their "run". What a joke, apprecaiate what you have people. One day they will be back to being crappy and we will all be dreaming for the days we are now living.


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