So at what time this afternoon does Michael Felger proclaim that Tom Brady was distracted by his contract situation and that was a factor in his car accident this morning?

WEEI was the first with the news, showing that breaking news on the radio might not be a dead art just yet.

Local and national media were tripping over themselves trying to rush out the details, getting several early ones wrong. He wasn’t in a Bentley, and he wasn’t brought to the hospital. The jaws of life were used on the other vehicle in the accident, not Brady’s.

This might be a good example of the flaws of the “new” news cycle, where the rush is on to get stuff out there, whereas in the past, the facts would be well established before you read them in the newspaper the next day.

Score one for the old-timers. With situations like this, I can wait 10 minutes for the correct information to be reported.

You can get the latest reports on the Patriots and Brady at

The NFL season kicks off tonight, and there are plenty of season preview articles in the papers this morning.

If you’re a Patriots fan, be aware that (predictably) the columns in the Globe are going to tick you off. Bob Ryan spends half of his saying how Bill Belichick’s legacy is tainted by Spygate, and that he needs another title to get re-validated. Chris Gasper falls back on the tried and true the “mere idea of questioning Belichick’s coaching capacity borders on heresy” approach, while making the case that Belichick is too old to lead the Patriots to another Super Bowl.

Head coordinator – We’ll give Monique Walker a link, as she plays it straight in her story.

Developing situation – Albert Breer is good today too, as he looks at the challenge the Patriots have in developing so many young players.

CBS’s No. 1 team still playing favorites – Chad Finn has a Thursday media column, looking at the NFL broadcast teams.

Patriots wipe their slate clean for 2010 season – Ian Rapoport looks at the Patriots starting fresh in many ways this season.

Rapoport gets an important detail right about the pictures being removed at Gillette. The previous impression that was given was that it was just the Super Bowl teams that had pictures removed, but that’s not the case. Pictures from any win from the past decade, including those in the last few years were removed.

When FOX broadcasted the Patriots second preseason game, sideline reporter Pam Oliver made the statement about “memorabilia” being removed, which wasn’t true at all. It was only pictures. Rapoport gets it right.

Trying to separate the triple terrors of the AFC East – Jonathan Comey looks at the three-headed monster in the AFC East.

Previewing the 2010 season – Mike Reiss and Tedy Bruschi preview the new season for the Patriots.

Not looking good for Wheatley – Tom E Curran’s notebook has the cornerback in a walking cast.

‘Hard Knocks’ diary: No cliffhanger on Revis Island – Kirk Minihane recaps the season finale of Hard Knocks.

The Red Sox beat the Rays last night at Fenway 11-5 behind five home runs. Get all the stories at

Gifted Lars Anderson collects first hit – Dan Duggan has the slugging prospect getting his first Major League hit.

Tim Wakefield is aware of his Red Sox legacy – Mike Fine has the knuckleballer aware of where he stands in Red Sox history.

Tim Wakefield inches closer to mark – Joe McDonald has more on Wakefield.

Sox offer Martinez 2-year contract; agent says catcher wants long-term deal – Daniel Barbarisi has the Red Sox looking to start talks with Victor Martinez.  

Francona fields questions on bad throws – Peter Abraham’s notebook has the skipper talking about his clubs issues throwing the ball.

For Coleman, a long journey to BC – Eric Avidon has a look at the redshirt wide receiver for the Eagles.

Milan Lucic not 100 percent – Stephen Harris says that the LW is still recovering from his ankle injury.

22 thoughts on “Brady Shaken, Media Stirred

  1. Ryan's column doesn't surprise me. He's been pounding the "Spygate taints all the Patriots' Super Bowls" angle ever since the overhyped, non-story broke 3 years ago.

    He's another Globie who's best served sticking to writing about sports he knows, like baseball and basketball. Football always has been a foreign concept to him (same with Shaughnessy), and he proves it every time he pens a column about the subject.


    1. zzzzzzz whatever…every opposing fanbase can make a "tainted, asterisk" case for the champions of their sport.


      1. Well, what's always killed me is how everyone–media, NFL fans, etc.–have either forgotten or completely ignored the fact that Denver cheated on the salary cap in the late 90s when they won their two Super Bowls (Goodell's predecessor punished them with fines but only docked them 3rd rounders, instead of "Red Light's" excessive first rounder punishment of the Pats, for a much more minor offense). They used what amounted to an illegal roster and won two Super Bowls with it. Have the Ryans, Easterbrooks, Shaughnessys, et al, ever dared to call those two Denver titles "tainted?" The Pats seem to be a special case, and I think it's for two reasons: 1–the media's general disdain for the head coach; and 2–the general public's skepticism about how "good" those Patriots title teams were. They didn't have a galaxy of superstars, like the 49ers in the 80s or Cowboys in the 90s, so nobody outside of New England could figure out how they were winning so much. "Spygate," to a lot of ignorant people, provided the perfect explanation for why a team without superstar players like "The Triplets" in Dallas could win so often.


  2. I'm sure Felger will have some preposterous reason for Brady's accident. How about:, Brady was distracted because Randy Moss is dogging it.. Or: Brady had the accident because Kraft lied to Mankins.

    Whatever he says, it will be another way of screaming "Hey look at me!!"


  3. Praising WEEI? They did nothing but disseminate misinformation in an effort to break news and then also proclaim their corrections as "breaking news."


  4. a few things……."So at what time this afternoon does Michael Felger proclaim that Tom Brady was distracted by his contract situation and that was a factor in his car accident this morning?"…..LMFAO….you ain't kiddin' ,Bruce…..I mean, I think you meant that jokingly but it would not surprise me at all if Felger actually did start of his show with that.

    haven't seen PROFOOTBALLTALK.COM today, did they say Brady was DEAD?….I know they broke a story once saying Terry Bradshaw kicked the bucket ,only to find out he was alive and well…..OPPS!

    as far as Bob Ryan goes, I kid you not, I would have NO IDEA what he (or Shank Shaugnessy for that matter) wrote about the Patriots if it wasn't for THIS SITE…….I just can't stomach to read a full column from these guys about the Patriots….I just look at the headline (yes,yes,yes, I know THEY DON'T write the headlines) and can tell what's coming…….LOL…"Spygate"…..are you kidding me?


    1. Yep, everything AOB says. Nice article btw from Monique Walker – whenever the Globe has a football article worth reading it seems to come from her. Will never read Breer and this year's infatuation with marijuana.

      Sometimes I think the world passed Bob Ryan more than a few moons ago. Still stuck in the halcyon days when the Boston sports stories wrote themselves…


  5. Bruce, you'll be happy (ok maybe not happy) to know that Felger quoted your opening paragraph to start his show and said he goes to this site every day. I have to respect that because unlike others, hello Dale, he admitted he visits this site and welcomes the feedback and realizes he isnt for everyone. He used your shot at him to take a further shot at himself that he many times gets blamed for things before he even does them by his wife and at least wait and give him a shot to screw up.


    1. actually Curtis, I have heard Dale mention this site and he wasn't mocking or criticizing it………..I think your thinking of the BIG SHOW, they would often mock this site (not always by name but you knew who they were talking about)……


  6. Panic-stricken over their inability to generate ratings & viewers, TV stations are pretty much embarrassing themselves when t comes to reporting news. Which is odd since that's why the business exists in the first place.


  7. Curtis above: Felger did not use the shot to take a shot at himself – you've got it backwards. He took a shot at his wife – criticizing him for things he doesn't do – to complain that Bruce was doing the same thing. And I heard nothing about welcoming feedback – both he and Mazz snickered when talking about this site – as if no one on the internet should dare criticize them. Maybe you were listening to some other show.


    1. If your post is true (and Curtis's isn't) then it confirms my belief that people who listen to Felger are stupid pseudo-intellects who fight "fanboi's"(and his callers some of the stupidest people on earth).


      1. Curtis' assesment of the opening of the show is accurate…he was comparing how his wife pre-emptively blames him for things he hasn't done and jokingly said this entry did the same thing. Per the standard supporters and detractors that frequent this site, he clearly isn't for everyone, but one thing that is not debatable is the fact he doesn't take himself anywhere near as seriously as other sports personalities in this town. You think he doesn't see people hating on him on this site, including Bruce? Yet he still admits he respects this site and comes here everyday…how many other folks in this town would openly admit as much…


        1. ya know, I will admit that……..Felger will (now and then) let it show that he doesn't take himself too seriously,,,,,,,,HOWEVER, that just proves the point that these guys are just ENTERTAINERS/ACTORS……..they DO NOT believe the words that are coming out of their OWN MOUTHS……….so you can't take them seriously…..that's why I get my Patriots news from Mike Reiss…..if I want to be "entertained" I'll watch "DANCING WITH THE STARS"


        2. Brian, that's cool and I appreciate the clarification. I don't agree with you saying Bruce hates him though. Felger says a ton of outlandish things and Bruce (rightfully) calls him out on them. This is a media watch site and if Bruce will link to well written articles from sports media who usually have little credibility – like Breer above.


          1. funny, that Mazz and Felger *snicker* at the internet when, if it wasn't for the interent, they would be unemployed. Need I site Tony Mazz's lame Facebook ripoff column page?


          2. You'd figure "writers" and "journalists" would know when someone's tongue is firmly planted in their cheek…but I give them too much credit.


  8. Didn't read Bob Ryan's column but I understand what he's saying.

    The Globe/NYT Conglomerate hasn't been the same in my eyes since Mike Barnicle, Patricia Smith, Jayson Blair and Ron Borges worked there.

    Right Bob?


  9. I'm surprised there hasn't been a false story or tasteless joke about Brady being dead yet. ESPN probably started their morning meeting with 10 minutes of them just to get them out of their system.


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