As the calendar turns to September, the Red Sox look to be waving the white flag, trading Manny Delcarmen to Colorado, and losing to the Baltimore Orioles 5-2. Get all the coverage at

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Air of defeat settles over Red Sox– Alex Speier has the Sox looking like a team finally giving in.

Fading Red Sox show little life– Gordon Edes seems the same signs.

Maureen Mullen and David Willisboth report on Ryan Westmoreland’s inspirational comeback.

Drew’s failure flies under radar – Jon Couture says that despite not getting hurt, this season will be a black mark on the career of J.D. Drew.

Leigh Bodden was placed on season-ending IR yesterday, making him the second Patriots starter on an already inexperienced group to be lost for all of 2010.

Patriots lose Bodden for the season – Monique Walker reports on the big loss yesterday.

Pats roster takes a hit — Bodden finished for season – Robert Lee takes a crack at the roster.

Mentoring a new duty for Patriots’ Mayo – Rich Garven has the Patriots linebacker taking on new duties in his third season.

Tully Banta-Cain in no rush – Karen Guregian has another Patriots linebacker urging patience with his unit.

Giant steps for Brian Hoyer – Ian Rapoport looks at how far the backup QB has come in a year.

Worry Wart – Preseason Game Four At Giants – Chris Warner airs his concerns about the final preseason game.

3 thoughts on “Sox Look Defeated in Baltimore, Pats IR Another Starter

  1. A few years back, a columnist, I believe it was Gerry Callahan, called Boston "Loserville". The Sox have had it, the Pats appear to be in trouble, and I don't think Shaq is the answer for the Celts. I hope we're not heading back to Loserville.


    1. Pfffffff Yeaaaaaah…we have it REAL bad. I mean, with a baseball team that is constantly in contention, a Basketball team that came within a few minutes of their 2nd title in 3 years, and a football team that makes the playoffs every year.

      Yep, poor us.


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