A short post on the website RadioInsight.com reports that 1510 The Zone  – or more accurately, Revolution Boston GM Anthony Pepe (remember “The Diehards?”) recently registered the domain names 1510ESPNBoston.com and ESPN1510Boston.com via his Mouthpiece Boxing company.

I find it a little hard to believe that after all the hype about WEEI becoming an ESPN affiliate and talk from ESPN that they wanted to establish their national programming in Boston that they would settle for airing on the poor signal that is AM 1510 in Boston. The scenario that made the most sense to me was WEEI going to FM, and them putting the ESPN programming on the 850 signal. Going to 1510 makes little sense to me.

This could simply be Pepe being proactive, or perhaps wishful in registering the names, or perhaps something is in the works.

Update: A quick response from Pepe to my inquiry – “Nothing happening!”

Alrighty then. Carry on. Nothing to see here.

One thought on “ESPN Radio…on 1510?

  1. It was said the Krafts were looking into buying the station and perhaps putting ESPN on there.
    Part of the plan would be to move the transmitter perhaps to Foxboro but that might not help
    the signal much, even if the FCC approved it (or a "city of license" change)

    If there are one yr contracts, didn't ESPN move to 850 in Oct of last yr? Could ESPN perhaps
    air only partially on 1510?

    I wrote: "Nothing official yet but K Vahey wrote on boston-radio-interest that the Kraft Ent. Group is looking into buying 1510 and making it ESPN (what of the WEEI agreement?) and Revs soccer (Pats stay on 98.5 of course) They aren't crazy about the signal though. Keep an eye on this one." (8/13/10…orig. was a boston-radio-interest post by Kevin Vahey)


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