In a 6-1 hole, the Red Sox rallied for four runs late, but couldn’t make it all the way back, falling 6-5to the Cleveland Indians at Fenway. Adrian Beltre hit two home runs for the Red Sox, but John Lackey struggled, giving up all six runs to the Indians in 5 1/3 innings. Get all the links at

Lackey loses it in a flash – Eric Avidon has John Lackey starting strong, but then falling apart quickly.

Ellsbury, Papelbon form own lonely club – Bill Burt comes down hard on a pair of Red Sox he describes as “fools.”

Kalish off to strong start – Brian MacPherson has the rookie outfielder getting his big league career off to a good start.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia gets new start – Joe McDonald examines the impact the acquisition of the catcher could have on others in the Red Sox organization.

Cameron goes back on the disabled list – Peter Abraham’s extensive notebook leads off with Mike Cameron’s season possibly coming to an end.

Putting the Patriots’ first 10 practices in focus – Christopher Price looks at three strengths and three weaknesses he’s spotted in the early going at Patriots camp.

Patriots’ hopes high for receiver – Ian R. Rapoport has a look at second year receiver Brandon Tate, who has been impressive in camp, and is the target of high expectations.

New Patriot Holt playing catch-up – Monique Walker has veteran receiver Torry Holt finding himself in a new role with the Patriots.

Pass rush a big question mark for Pats – Mike Reiss has the Patriots still looking for the right mix at outside linebacker.

Top pick learns rookie lessons at training camp – Mark Farinella has top pick Devin McCourty trying to be a quick learner.

Hoyer keeping an open mind – Glen Farley has the Patriots backup QB a long way from where he was last year at this time.

Expectations Hard to Manage for Tyler Seguin’s Rookie Season With Bruins – Douglas Flynn looks a big challenge for the Bruins this season.

The downside today? Why in the world would you ever read a Michael Felger column entitled “Things Are Not What They Used To Be.” What’s the appeal? Disappointing to see Tom E Curran and Felger also continuing to express the opinion that Robert Kraft is somehow threatening Tom Brady with his comments about how much he wants the QB to be here.

Apparently Dan Shaughnessy just discovered that Jacoby Ellsbury has missed most of the season, and is outraged today. I’ll pass.


7 thoughts on “Sox Rally Falls Short

  1. Shaughnessy's column was actually the best one I've read about Ellsbury's situation. It summarizes the situation, lays out the facts as we know them, has direct quotes from relevant people, and doesn't draw unsupported conclusions. Isn't that what you, Bruce, and everyone else have been clamoring for him to do in lieu of his normal lazy "we're driving another superstar out of town" and/or "spoiled athlete hated by teammates" column? Cut the guy some slack when he actually does a good job!

    I agree with him 100%, too — there's clearly a problem here, and it's gotten patently ridiculous.


    1. I agree it was (mostly) good. Bruce – I thought the timing was a bit odd/late too, but the impetus for writing the story today was Ellsbury's attendence at Fenway (which I didn't know about) and his inability to play even though he has performed well in Pawtucket. But it is unclear whether not playing was his decision or management. , He hasn't been removed from the DL and is on a rehab assignment that can last a couple more weeks, right?


  2. Regarding Brady's contract, watch for this one… BB and Kraft will wait for Peyton Manning to sign the "Biggest Ever…." that the Colts have been bragging about all summer, then sign Brady for 50 cents more, just to stick it them. Lol. I can't wait for that to happen.


  3. I hate to sound cynical here, but remember when Shaughnessy wrote that column a few years ago telling us all how Larry Lucchino could be the Red Sox GM and everything would be fine if Theo didn't re-sign? And then Theo left for that "Gorilla Suit" sabbatical right after that?

    Many of us believed at the time that Dan's contacts inside the Sox organization (which was part-owned by the Globe at the time) "used" him to get that story out there.

    Does this Ellsbury piece represent a similar ploy? Get the fans on management's side so that when they try to trade him this offseason the reaction will not be as visceral?


  4. I was listening to Felger and Sock Puppet yesterday for a few minutes. I guess the context of their Brady rant was an interview in which Robert Kraft told the New York Times essentially one way or another he is going to sign Brady. There is no way he will be anyplace else. Felger took a transatlantic leap by saying this means the Patriots are going to franchise Brady. Really? how could you insinuate that Mike? Meanwhile, Jim Irsay again stated that Colts are going to make Peyton Manning the highest paid player in the league. He also said that if a deal cannot be reached then the Colts will franchise him. If you listen to Felger, Breer, Borges and most of the local media, the Colts are a great franchise who use sound judgment are business savvy, while the Patriots are cheap and bullying who treat their players like garbage, even though both teams are in the same boat and doing the same thing.

    I did not read the Shaughnessy article on Ellsbury but he did write an article for SI on Rick Pitino that was actually very good. It stated everything going on in his extortion case and asks a very simple question? How can someone who works at a state run higher learning institution do what he did and still have a job? Isn't his credibility shot? Shame on Seth Davis of SI for calling Pitino a victim. He was very much a willing participant with Karen Syphers and he should be considered lucky if the only thing that happens is embarrassment.

    By the way, the next time you hear Glen Ordway try to tell you we put on the air what the people want, then you should have listened to his show yesterday. The first caller, who was already loaded when he called, said that when Lowell comes back the Red Sox should trade Ortiz. The next caller said that Lowell should play second until Pedroia comes back. That's right Glen, this is exactly what anyone listening wants to hear.


    1. There's really no point in complaining about the coverage of the Pats by the media clowns in this region. Simply put, they hate Belichick, and, too a lesser extent, Robert Kraft. As soon as Belichick retires, watch the coverage change. It'll either be overly positive and hopeful or non-existent.

      I do find it amusing that new doofus on the block Albert Breer is displaying his sheer joy at completely embarrassing himself while Best NFL Football writer Mike Reiss continues to nail it every day.


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