The Red Sox welcome the Cleveland Indians into Fenway Park tonight for a four game series. Right now, this series looks like a good bargain if you want to make the trip in, with many tickets still selling for below face value on the secondary market.

As you can see in the graphic below, tickets are selling for well below the season average, and if you prefer going to Red Sox victories, the team has a pretty record at Fenway against the Indians at Fenway the last three seasons.

Head to Boston Sports Ticket Watch for deals from TicketsNow, TicketNetwork, StubHub! and others.


7 thoughts on “Red Sox/Indians Series A Deal At Fenway

  1. Breakdown of tickets under $35 for tonight is helpful. Even with the recent couple wins, not sure I'd pay more than that.


  2. Thanks for the tip, Bruce. I got two tickets for tomorrow's game. I like the options and the prices look good, but the "delivery charges" for the tickets are ridiculous. In most cases they were more than the cost of the tickets themselves- Stub Hub was the only one that was remotely reasonable. On the other hand, no one's twisting my arm to go. 😀


  3. @Denise. We agree that delivery charges can be exorbitant. Stubhub is great because they have a deal with MLB and all tickets can be sent via e-tickets, which reduces the delivery charge to $4.95. For Football, TicketsNow has a similar deal. Others sellers are starting to catch on and working on reducing delivery charges. We're also working on some features in the product that will make it easier to see an 'All-In' cost and filter out those with the higher delivery charges, so you can make a quicker and cheaper buying decision.


    1. Why does it cost $4.95 to email a digital ticket? The "service charges" are ludicrous for tickets. I might as well use $100 bills as napkins.


    2. Thanks- I was thinking about that yesterday- how seeing an "all-in" cost would have helped make my decision before I started clicking on the links to the sellers.

      I found your site very easy to use and I want to apologize for complaining about a negative that you have no control over- it won't prevent me from using your site again.


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