This week’s poll wants to know which mid-day sports radio show you’re listening to more these days.


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Toucher & Rich was the winner of the morning show poll, getting 50% of the vote to this point.


28 thoughts on “Which Sports Radio Mid-Day Show Do You Prefer?

  1. I had to re-activate my XM/Sirius subscription. Gresh and Zolak are too similar to each other, Dale and Holley are always on vacation, and Dan Patrick (my other option) might spend a whole show about soccer/golf/tennis or some other crap.

  2. Dale and Holley, although sometimes they’re both a pain in the ass for no good reason.

    98.5's midday options are brutal

    The correct answer is the Tony Kornheiser show out of DC which is way better than anything in this market.

    1. I agree with Jarod….PFW in Progress on, Tuesdays and Thursdays from Noon-2, is the best sports talk radio around. Give it a try! It's the most objective, off-the-cuff, honest, unscripted show around. We me offend you. But I promise we'll get you thinking in a different way than you did before listened. Join the ground swell of internet support that is PFW in Progress.

      Did I mention that this is an objective email and has nothing to do with the fact that I'm on the show?

  3. for boston shows, it still dale and holley – more for holley than dale. id love to see dale go back tot he bruins full time and have someone replace him on the midday show

    but ill +1 billy's comment: TK's show out of DC is always good, and has been for a long time

  4. Gotta go with Dale and Holley…..although Dale can act like a pompous ass sometimes and his 'holier than thou" attitude is also annoying…….other than that… not great but not awful…….one pet peeve I have about Dale is when he paints all fans as being idiots…….I've heard him use some version of this line way too often……"well Michael, you know the fans think the Red Sox can just go trade Tim Wakefield for Albert Pujols!"

  5. Gresh is a loudmouthed overweight dope. Whatever radio or television station he appears on, I immediately turn off the station. He makes Comcast New England Sports Tonight unwatchable. When he and Zolak were on 790 The Score middays in Providence, it was unlistenable. That station is now off the air. He and Zolak on 98.5 remain unlistenable.

  6. Dhale is an absolute fraud. Sucks up to whichever team is paying him at the time, absolutely no ability to think critically about anything, and the worst interviewer ever.

  7. I moved to North Carolina a few years back, after spending the first 45 years of my life in Boston. I can now only listen to Boston radio via the internet. I selectively listen to Dale and Holley, the Big Show and Felger, but I'm very surprised at how much I enjoy the national shows. Mike and Mike are soooo much better than D&C. Dan Patrick is also very good. As is Scott Van Pelt.

  8. I reluctantly picked Dale/Holley because I prefer their blandness to Gresh/Zo's idiocy. One of the biggest disappointments with 98.5 is the giant egg they laid with this time slot. Listening to G and Z talk about non-football topics is a verbal abortion and the football stuff isn't that great either. Glad someone finally made Holley chill with the overused music references. Guy tries too hard sometimes. Would love to see 98.5 admit defeat and go a different direction entirely in this time slot.

  9. There is no question that Dale and Holley are far better than Gresh and Zo or Dan Patrick. D&H have nice flowing conversation in which they rarely shout. Sometimes there are callers that are asking for it so the volume picks up but it's not too bad. The topics are covered thoughtfully thoroughly. It is just pleasant to listen to. I know Dale can by a little self serving but he is not nearly as bad as some of the other hosts.

    I would like to talk about Andy Gresh a little bit. I have already written time and time again about how bad he is. There is nothing new. I will say that it is a shame because at one time he was pretty good. I remember when he was in a very structured environment at ESPN Radio. He did good interviews, his opinions were very well thought out and there was no shouting. I did get to listen to him on Sirius once and it still the same, pretty good. When Gresh first came to WBZ on the weekends his show was still pretty good. Then he went on a four hour rant on Tiger Woods that was some of the most obnoxious, uninteresting radio I have ever heard and Gresh's career has seemingly driven itself off a cliff. He is obnoxious to the tenth power. He literally makes no sense when talking. I know can say I have listened to G&Z maybe for a total of five minutes over the last three weeks. I wonder if Chachi Loporete went to Gresh and said, "Bombast, we need more bombast. I don't care if the talk is good just be obnoxious." It is the only explanation why Gresh could have possibly jumped the shark.

    As far as the national program goes, Dan Patrick is just awful. I cannot drive and have him on the air unless I want to wrap my care around a telephone pole. He is incredibly boring.

    1. What a good post on Gresch, he was good on sat am on espn,Anything was better than the rubbish that eei used to have.Unfortunatly those two morons are back.

  10. Didn't we just rant for 50 plus comments about this very topic 2 days ago? I think we get it.

    Everyone hates every show in this town to some degree, unless the topic is skewed in favor of a particular show or person (ex. Pete Sheppard bashed for years, then he's fired and everyone wants him back).

  11. Would take Dan Patrick If there was a station nearby.

    Holley with just about anyone except Dale is good.

    The only person dumber than Gresh on earth is the PD at the station that hired him. They had such great promise when they started, but too many bad moves has given life to 'eei.

  12. Dale Arnold is insufferable. Agree with 'angryoldbastard' in that his holier than thou, ned flanders-like personality is so grating. Holley is really good, and would be so much better without him. Nevertheless, I will take Dale over Gresh anyday. I don't understand why he is a better alternative than Tanguay????????

  13. Alright, I’ll say it… I like Dale & Holley. Like 'em a lot. I find Dale’s likeness to Ned Flanders oddly amusing and for the most part they talk about the sports topics of the day in reasoned tones. I appreciate the fact that they don’t shout down callers unless it is deserved. They don’t take contrived, ridiculous stances just to stand out.

    They actually try to discuss the topic du jour dare I say… inelligently? Given the competition, shouldn’t the effort alone be applauded?

    1. They lost me when they paid attention to the incredibly lame caller "Randy Moss, the restraining order and the Super Bowl and will he get arrested if he scores a touchdown near her" bit. Haven't listened to them since. But yeah I give Dale credit for at least sounding like he's a solid family guy.

  14. Dale Arnold is the biggest fraud in the Boston Media. He is lazy in his show prep & knows very little about Sports. He is an arrogant rump swab who despises regular fans & is totally enamored of Theo Epstein & the Red Sox. Holley has actually regressed in the 4-5 years he's been on the air with Diddly Dale. I used to enjoy it when Felger would fill in for Holley and expose Dale for the chump he really is.

  15. I'd be interested in hearing what people listen to on sirius/xm. I usually listent o stern but float over to maddog's sation and will check out farrell on stern 101 if in the car late.

  16. To be fair, because of work ( or "WORK?!?", as Maynard G. Krebs would say) I rarely tune into to midday radio for longer than 10 minutes at a stretch, but you asked, so ….

    I find Dale annoying, but mostly in his blundering obliviousness. Like just about everyone I've met from Maine who moved down to Boston, he has some sort of uncomfortableness about being re-located and romanticizes the land and years of his youth. Great. Everyone loved hockey and Margaret Chase Smith. Then why'd you leave? That said, he seems as earnest as a church deacon and the "Flanders" tag seems spot on. What he's not is a screaming, foaming look-at-me!!!! azzclown like Gresh and – before him – Tanguay. Addition by subtraction, I guess.

    As for Holley, he seems to be under two major delusions. (1.) that he has a personality and (2.) that we care about what he has to say. No, no, and no.

  17. 98.5 should try to get bob ryan and bob neumier on during the day

    their fill-in shows this week for dennis and callahan were great

  18. Dale initiates too much hockey talk. I've heard him countless times come back after a break and start talking about it even though it hadn't been mentioned and there were no Bruins' guests scheduled. I found his incessant soccer talk before they went on vacation insufferable

    Holley seem to pay attention. There was a lot of criticism of his stupid sound effects, lightning round, "outstandings" etc. and he cut it out. He also used to be something of an obnoxious know-it-all. He seems to have toned that down also.

    That thing on 98.5 is in a league with Mustard and Johnson………….horrible.

  19. What ever happened to The Herd with Colin Cowherd? I really enjoyed that show (as I did Mike and Mike) when it was on 890.

  20. I listen to podcasts mostly now. Local sports radio is just too repetitive for me. Cool thing about podcasts is that they automatically download via iTunes and I can see what the subjects of each show are so can pick-and-choose from all the sports talk. One day Bill Simmons may have a cool guest, the next day it may be Kornheiser. I like the guest hosts Jim Rome has (although Rome drives me crazy). Patrick’s show is uneven – he can be the best or can bore you to tears. I hate Cowherd. He can spend 30 minutes repeating himself on the same topic. BORING! He needs guests or cohosts.

  21. Dale and Holley are the best of a bad lot. I honestly don’t see what anyone sees in Andy Gresh. I have a hard time listening to him at all. I often wonder how he got on the air to begin with. What are his strengths? He brings nothing to the conversation and is so predictable. There is a need in Boston for good sports radio but we’re not getting it with the current choices. The Big Show with Glen Ordball is the worst.

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