LeBron James made his long-awaited free agent decision last night, humbly (OK, maybe not so humbly) telling a national audience on ESPN that he was “taking his talents to South Beach” where he will join Dwyane Wade and the wildly overrated Chris Bosh on the the Miami Heat next season.

Ken Fang tells us that “The Decision” Was 73 Minutes of Painful Television.

This spectacle was fit for a King – Chad Finn says that ESPN’s “journalistic credibility took another self-inflicted wallop” last night.

The decision makes the Heat an instant favorite for the NBA title, and makes the Celtics road to redemption that much tougher.

Celtics make a big acquisition in O’Neal – Gary Washburn looks at what Jermaine O’Neal can bring to the Celtics.

Same old Celts – Scott Souza says that the “bring-’em all back approach” is probably the best for the Celtics.

Ainge happy with offseason so far – Chris Forsberg has the Celtics president of basketball operations pleased with what he’s been able to do thus far. According to Greg Dickerson that also means bringing back Tony Allen.

Plenty of pain, no longer any gain – Sean McAdam has the Red Sox injuries catching up with them at last.

There’s no quit in depleted Sox – Jim Donaldson says that what these Red Sox are doing is painful, inspirational, heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Eccentric Adrian Beltre shining Starry bright – Scott Lauber says that the Red Sox have found themselves a slugger almost as eccentric as Manny Ramirez (though not disruptive).

Papi unlikeliest of stars – Bill Doyle has Joe Buck and Tim McCarver talking about the Red Sox All Star selections.

Some thievery is being encouraged – Peter Abraham’s minor league notebook has the Single A Greenville Drive thriving on the stolen base.

Negotiations with Sox draftee could be interesting – Alex Speier looks at the challenges the Red Sox face in signing Anthony Ranaudo.

Sox say Kelly is making progress despite mediocre numbers – Daniel Barbarisi says that Boston’s best prospect is doing better than his stats would indicate.

Talks begin with Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron – Stephen Harris’ Bruins notebook has the two veterans talking with the team about new deals.

Patriots’ Draft Class Could Play Major Role in Defining 2010 Season – Jeff Howe looks at how the 2010 draft class could have a big role this season.


7 thoughts on ““The Decision” Creates New Obstacle in East For Celtics

  1. didn't you just love it how EVERYBODY who works for ESPN (in any capacity) tried to justify that dog and pony show?……for instance, Bob Ryan wrote in his column : "There is little sense in exhibiting great moral outrage about the process." ……….yeah right, Ryan…..if you didn't have regular gigs on "Around the Horn" "PTI" and "The Sports reporters" you would be singing a different tune………….Ryan is a clear example of why sportswriters should write and stay the hell off television…….when he just wrote I had respect for him, seeing his act on television I now look at him as just another sports media ass clown.


  2. I love media types this morning are shocked, appalled, disgusted, etc, etc, etc with this whole LeBron thing, yet all of them watched it.

    I know it's sports news but if they really felt that strongly about it, they could have skipped it as the only newsworthy thing to come out of it was which team the dude was going to play for.


  3. Wait, what about Chris Bosh? Don't get me wrong- the LeBron special on tv was an absolute joke! But Chris Bosh is one of the top power fowards in the game. He has averaged 20 and 10 for how long? Yeah, not a good team in Toronto, but he is still a stud player and will be one in Miami. Seriously, "wildly overrated?!?!?" Not sure where you would get that from.


    1. He is overrated. He put up good numbers on terrible teams. He's never played a big game in his life. He's a finesse big man that falls away from the basket on offense and doesn't rebound in traffic on defense. He doesn't make his teammates better. He's more concerned with being a "star" than anything else, judging by his Twitter comments and face time he was trying to grab during the finals. Need more? I can go on…


  4. "This comment has been deleted by the administrator?" Wow, for someone who talks about all the problems in the media and insults them more then any one (jealousy), and then you go and delete comments immediately without even reading them? WOW. Guess this will be the last time I visit this site. Guess those writers really were right about you Bruce. SAD


    1. Your comment wasn’t deleted, it went into a moderation queue, like all other comments from people who haven’t registered with the Intense Debate comment system. I don’t know why the message “Your comment was deleted by the administrator” appears like that. It’s annoying.

      But your over-reaction was amusing.


      1. Hey Bruce- my apologies as I used to be able to post and it went right up there. I obviously came back to see if I was right or wrong and look at me now- they were posted. But I swear to you, it said it was deleted immediately, and there wouldn't have been enough time for you to read and then delete. Overeaction is bad; denying free speech w/o even reading it- much worse. Which is not what you did. Thanks for posting. And about that Chris Bosh guy…..


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