Gerry CallahanYou either love him or you hate him.

These days Gerry Callahan is perhaps best known for his biting political commentary on the Dennis and Callahan morning show on WEEI, but it’s easy to forget that at one time, he was perhaps one of the best sports writers in the country.

Callahan grew up in Massachusetts, graduating from Chelmsford High School and UMass Amherst. He started his career with the Lowell Sun in 1983 and then moved on to the Boston Herald five years later. In 1994, he moved on to Sports Illustrated, where was a senior writer for the publication.  

He was a frequent Big Show co-host in the early days of the program, before getting his own show with John Dennis starting in 1997. After leaving SI, he rejoined the Herald as a columnist.

The D&C program has garnered its share of attention, and not all of it positive. In 2007, Callahan missed several months of work on the show with a throat ailment. By the time he was healthy enough to return, his contract as well as that of co-host Dennis was up for renewal, which resulted in a brief lockout for the pair which had them returning in time for the first “Patriots Monday” of the 2007 season on September 10th.



128 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Gerry Callahan

  1. Who’s got the largest head in town?
    Who keeps the pinko lefties down?
    Clip does, Clip does!

    Who mocks black kids every day?
    Who lost his voice over his pay?
    Clip does, Clip does!

    Who thinks Pedro is a punk?
    Who talks to Dennis about his junk?

    Who’s a bigot and a fraud?
    Who’s got a head 6 feet broad?
    Clip does, Clip does!

  2. When I drive to work in the morning I want to hear about such stuff as –

    The NFL Draft
    Big Brown
    The Stanley Cup

    I DON’T want to hear about Obama vs Clinton, or D&C belittling such folk as librarians and firemen.

    1. Gerry Callahan is an first class clown. Much like Anne, I tune into WEEI to hear about sports, not a tirade about the Democratic party. And for the record I’m a Republican. If I want to hear about Obama, I’ll look for my buddy Rush.

  3. For the small % of the time Gerry talks sports he is pretty good. When he talks politics, or when Meter and Dino talk about anything, it is the absolute worst radio show you will ever hear.

  4. I’m proud to say I’m a liberal. Paul, I know that I could kick your as@ in political debates. And I know I could kick Gerry’s. But here’s the frustrating part, the thing that makes the show often unbearable—he doesn’t want to debate. He’s not open to any ideas besides the black-and-white conservative views that make you sound like a tough-guy when you say them. It’s very easy to say bomb Iran, Joe Kennedy is a traitor for buying oil from Chavez, Hillary is a b@$!$. There’s been a big change in the quality of their show since GC left for his surgery last year. Now, more often than not, they run a sociology class, where they discuss race and how Rev. Wright is a bigot—when, frankly, they know next to nothing (and don’t care to). I used to like their “we have the conversations you have at the local watering hole” analogy. But now, anyone who says, “Talk sports today, please” is openly mocked.

    But, nonetheless, I still approve. It’s bordering, though, which is sad, because I used to love their show. They’re very witty—as bad as it was, the METCO line was hilarious—and I think both D & C have qualifications for their roles, unlike a Pete Shepard. Callahan was once a great writer—Tunnel Vision was a must-read—and we can’t forget that.

    And it’s very easy to see why the folks at 20 Guest St. ignore you all—you don’t approve anyone. Everyone s u c k s. You all seem to think you could host a four-hour radio show every day.

    1. So when a consumer expresses displeasure towards a product, they’re really only saying they could make a better product themselves?

      I thought they were just saying the product sucked.

      Lastly, I think I peed a little bit when you said the folks at 20 Guest St. “ignore you all.” Tell that to the ones who bought memberships here.

    2. Four hours with commercials/sports flashes/headlines/buzzer beaters/cross over time

      Their show is probably not even 2 hours with all that goes into a radio broadcast on a giant like WEEI.

      I really like Callahan because he entertains me. I disagree with everything he says but I like to listen because it entertains me along with my morning drive.

      The biggest problem I have, as with many of you, is when they go on these political rants. Sometimes it’s entertaining but other times it’s I’m republican, therefore I’m right, you’re an idiot, and democrats are going to take over the country and turn it into a terrorist state. I’ll never forget that interview when Schilling came on after going to an Anne Coulter debate with Bill Maher and Schilling/Callahan were like two schoolgirls chuckling how great Anne Coulter was. When I see a guy who honestly admires Anne Coulter, republican or not, you have some screwed up ideology issues.

      1. Clearly another example of rooting for laundry. In this case the laundry has the letters GOP stitched on the front.

        I swear if a red-horned man carrying a pitchfork was wearing one of these pieces of laundry, D&C would go on air each morning and tell you that Satan got a bad rap. (Wait a minute, do they say that about Scott Boras already?)

  5. Why is it so important for people to agree with everything someone says?

    I think he acts like a jerk sometimes, and he is so attached to his right wing ideology that he can be very frustrating. He also has, without question, the most well reasoned arguments and points of view of anyone on the radio, even if I strongly disagree with about 50% of them. He will not spoonfeed you your own opinion which is what seems to make most people feel better about the person they are listening to.

    If you want pablum listen to Dale Arnold. I’ll take Callahan every time. Big approve.

  6. Quite possibly the single most miserable human being to walk the earth. Mean, hateful, intolerant and ultimately just plain stupid. Mere words cannot adequately express my disapproval.

  7. Quite possibly the single most miserable human being to walk the earth. Mean, hateful, intolerant and ultimately just plain stupid. Proud to be a knuckle-dragging moron. Mere words cannot adequately express my disapproval.

  8. I think he acts like a jerk sometimes, and he is so attached to his right wing ideology that he can be very frustrating. He also has, without question, the most well reasoned arguments and points of view of anyone on the radio,

    So he is a jerk attached to right wing ideology, but he has well reasoned arguments? How is that possible?

    1. I said he acts like a jerk sometimes jackass. And having well reasoned arguments doesn’t mean they are always right.

      The biggest truism of all time: people hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest.

  9. This guy is without a doubt the most negative person in all of the Boston sports media. The Red Sox could go 162-0, with the World Series without losing a game in the post season, the Pats could go 19-0, the Celtics could go 82-0 and 16-0 in the post season, and the Bruins could make the playoffs and win a series (c’mon, even the most optimistic fan knows this team isn’t going anywhere) and this guy would still do nothing but whine and complain about it!

    And SSSSSTTTTTTTOOOOOOPPPPPPP with the politics! Enough! And this is coming from a conservative!

    I am glad to say that with rare exception I have not listened to the program in the past 2 years.

  10. It’s a shame. I would actually give an approve if it were for writing only. “Loserville” is one of the best columns I have ever read in my life. He also wrote a terrific article on the Clemens fiasco in Washington. Unfortunately, his radio persona is so grating and pathetic that I have to disapprove.

  11. Likes to call out woman beaters (Approve!), except for Jared Remy that is (Disapprove!). If Andy Brickley had an adult child punching out women and getting arrested, you bet your asz Callahan would be publicly chastising the coward.

    Jared Remy is a scumbag.

    Aaron Ward is honorable.

    Go Bruins!

  12. Good writer, and from what I hear, a very good guy in person. It just doesn’t matter, though. He is personally responsible for bringing Jon Meterperel into our radio world. For this, there is no punishment severe enough in our society.


  13. Likes to act tough. Criticizes Drew for his time off. Predicted Vitale would not be ready for the tournament after undergoing similiar surgery as he went through. Vitale came back in half the time and somewhere JD chuckled. What a wuss. Tough? Probably but just the same tough guy crap he throws out there to a far greater audience.

  14. All right, Scott, who bought memberships here? Who?

    And maybe my word choice was wrong. Maybe “ignore” did not accurately express my meaning. I should have said instead that it’s easy for media members to scoff at this site and others like it when virtually everyone receives an overwhelmingly negative rating on these type of polls.

    And for someone who criticizes Callahan, Scott, you also seem to employ a conveniently black-and-white world view. I did not say that all consumer complaints should be seen as the consumer stating that they could produce a better product. You ever think it could be a rhetorical question? It was a reminder that hosting a daily show lasting four hours—20 hours a week—is not an easy task. Not many of us could do it.

    Scott, you’re much more smug and stupid than Callahan ever is.

    1. SOSH, Many of those same media members also continue to scoff at the Internet as a meduim. I agree there is too much bashing here which – in some cases is not deserved. But please take into account that there are plenty of knowledgable sports fans who would like to listen to decent sports talk on the radio. Right now its very slim pickings and many of those fans simply don’t listen to that crap.

      And by the way, I don’t post here for the edification of those scoffing media members. Those are deaf ears. A few years ago, the boneheads on the Big Show were calling Bill Simmons an “Internet weenie” and scoffing at him. So maybe there’s hope…

    2. You are plainly wrong, most polls on this site have resulted in Approves.

      “Virtually everyone receives an overwhelming negative rating”? In a couple of dozen polls there have been roughly half a dozen overwhelmingly negative ratings. And those should be no surprise: Tomase, Stearns, Callahan, Dennis and Meterperel

      Talk about a black and white world view.

    3. Nice backpedal. It was a rhetorical question. Sure.

      It doesn’t get any more smug and stupid than showing up at a media watch site to complain that the patrons there don’t like the media.

      Lastly, Callahan has earned every disapproval vote. That has clearly been his intent all along.

      I’m not sure if he counted on some sniveling nancy boy crying foul after.

  15. Wow…a UMass graduate. That’s pretty impressive for a talk-radio hack. Often, they trumpet their Connecticut School of Broadcasting credentials. That makes Callahan a Mensa candidate by comparison; no wonder he has a smarmy, aloof, and condescending attitude.

  16. The people who call in and say “talk sports!” are a bit misguided- these two choke on it when they talk sports as well as politics (full reveal- I am politically unaffiliated, and don’t particularly care) what people should be doing is imploring them to revisit their infamous “walk on the beach” of last summer, preferably where Tom Hanks was moored in “Castaway” Neumie and Rotillo in the a.m.!

    “Wilson- all you volleyballs are the spooorts! Talk spooorts!”

  17. But Bill Simmons IS an internet weenie.

    Best Callahan call ever: He has Jesse Ventura on and they’re doing the macho thing, manly talk and Callahan is trying to match Ventura manly comment for manly comment. Then Callahan brings up the gay marriage decision and tries to goad Ventura into some gay-bating. Ventura will have none of it, says what people do in their private lives is their private business. In refusing to play Callahan’s game, Ventura made him look like a junior high school punk playing up to what he thinks is the prejudices of the big boys in order to pump up his pathetic self-image. And like junior high school punks who try to act out of their league, Callahan looked really, really stupid.

  18. Even with his lame Hannity-esque schtick, Callahan would get blasted here for no other reason than his association with Dennis and Meterperel. Not even Martin Luther King Junior would sound good when paired with those jackanapes.

  19. Gerry is the greatest! I would not miss listening to most of the morning show. No wonder it is the number 1 show in sports radio! John, Gerry and Jon keep me entertained and informed.

  20. he makes the entire program unlistenable…a true pompous blowhard…kinda reminds me of my father-in-law…who thinks his opinion is the only one that matters. long live mike and mike

  21. Here is comment #100. I give this topic all of the 3 minutes it takes to express my total disdain for yet another arrogant, know-it-all. As I have conveyed to Jason Wolfe, I listen to Boomer and Carton on WFAN and will until there is something in that time slot on WEEI that is listenable. Time is up.

  22. Makes my skin crawl. I grew up with, and worked with, the guys he appeals to. “The colored’s are getting everything in this country” tells you all you need to know. There are some things that are more important than sports – really. Next time, before you bitch about a black person talking about racism in this country, think about this: the guy is STILL on the radio.

  23. Scott, you just called me a sniveling nancy boy.

    Are you sure you don’t like Gerry Callahan?

  24. I was as much a virulent right-winger and Bush supporter as he, until Raphael Palmeiro got caught, denied using steroids, and the President said, “I believe him.”

    This was the same President who used Tom Brady as a prop in his State of the Union when asking Congress to get tough on steroids? And then, when one of “his guys” gets caught, he defends him?

    That was when I had my own epiphany. That was when I began to question everything about this President and found him seriously wanting.

    So it didn’t surprise me at all to hear Callahan defending Tomase, but admitting he’d think different if he weren’t a colleague. I’d seen such a thing before.

    It sickens me to listen to Callahan now. I used to be a huge fan.

  25. I got a kick out the fact that the weei web site had his “suggested reading/favorite books.” Like we all care what is in this guy’s library.

  26. Love the D&C show and for those of you who have “stopped listening” (which the ratings show is not likely true), I suggest you remember the quality of that time slot while they walked on the beach last year. The fill ins stuck to sports and it was an abomination. Butch Stearns, Larry Johnson, Craig Mustard, Steve Burton et al were pathetic,

    Do I agree with everything they say? No but I am not afraid to listen to the other side. Calling them vulgar,sophmoric names only plays into what the population outside the hallowed walls of Cambridge, MA mentality believes the leftists represent.

  27. Is it just me thinking Clip Callahan would be a shoe-in as the fourth member of the lollipop guild? “We represent the lollipop guild the lollipop guild… and welcome you to munchkin land!”

  28. I definitely disapprove. I also no longer can stomach listening to him. What I don’t understand is WEEI. Callahan is a right winger from a left leaning state. It leads one to ask, why have him? I’ve written to Jason Wolfe, the producer, who has replied, although weakly. Like the time Callahan lambasted the NY Times (“the NY Times lies”). I just can’ listen to that show anymore. So, it is now Mike and Mike in the morning and WEEI ony after 10 am.

    By the way, the D&C show was much better when they actually disagreed once in a while. That never happens any more. Time for them to blow up that show!!

    1. There is only one good reason to listen to this show anymore and that would be to hear firsthand the next slip up that they come up with. Hopefully it would lead to an Imus like scenario and one or both of them would be fired. hey, then Gerry would meet his own definition of a deadbeat!

  29. Infrequently I’ll flip them on driving to work (I won’t even do that anymore). I can’t stand when they try talking politics. It’s like listening to a snarky Fox News morning show. I don’t know who is who, but one of these guys (Callahan?) not only is devoid of any knowledge politically, but seems devoid of reality whenever he talks politics. He forced me to write this to WEII this morning:

    Why are these two morons allowed to talk about politics? It’s bad enough that they’re second rate when it comes to sports-talk, but they sound like a couple of ignorant Sean Hannity pea-brains when they spout off GOP company line after line. They’ve got the political minds of Beavis & Butthead.

  30. gerry callahan along with thre fatpig rascist manny basher mike adams are a disgrace to radio hosts everywhre.if you are not a white male leftwing republican commie like callahan he has no use for yu.Its too bad he didnt lose his voice permanently when he had cancer last year.This ahole says he hopse that manny ramirez gets beaned in the world series if the red sox and dogers should meet.just another day in commie callahans neighborhood

  31. i just don’t get him. he has a nice life but seems
    to hate everything and resent everyone. i pity his

  32. A lot of people seem to hate him, but I love listening to the show. As soon as you learn to embrace his personality and his strong opinions, you should too. I’m not a fan of sterile radio hosts that are afraid to venture outside of stat-reciting or playing the fence. If you get into a debate with Callahan on air, you will have to fight to win, and that’s why I like to listen. I like the fact that he’s a loudmouth, and that he attacks a lot of callers and people in the news – and he does it consistently. I like to listen to that, and many times I agree with where he’s coming from.

    1. “If you get into a debate with Callahan on air, you will have to fight to win”

      you’re kidding, right?….fight to win?…PUH-LEESE…everytime Callahan senses a caller is getting the best of him he just starts SHOUTING LOUDER AND LOUDER and surprise,surprise, he always gets in the last word.

    2. Again, my problem with Callahan isn’t it that I disagree with his politics or his views on sports. My problem with him is the contempt that he, Dennis and Meter heap on everyone who is an actual fan of a New England sports team. He thinks he’s better than all of us because people listen to his radio show and he does a crappy job of hiding his attitude. His incessant whining about Belichick, games that start late and liberals is merely the icing on the cake.
      I could also go the rest of the my life without hearing he and GolfBoy prattle on about their golf games (or Holley and his fantasy football team, when it comes down to it). It’s really not something anyone is interested in.
      Callahan’s only saving virtue is that he’s still better than Dennis and Meterperel. Which is kind of like being the world’s tallest midget.

  33. I wouldn’t mind his hardcore Republican stance if he wasn’t such a hypocrite about it. He gets all bent out of shape when anyone bashes President Bush, saying it is unfair when people blame W for all the country’s problems. And then in the very next breath, he says everything bad is the Democrats’ fault! It’s no coincidence the show was excellent during the few months he was gone last summer. He sucks.

  34. Hey Gerry how about doing something different in the mornings- Talk about freekin sports. I don’t give a rats ass what your political views are. I want to hear about SPORTS! I have to turn the station off more often than not when your on one of your rants.
    WEEI fire his bigoted ass so I can listen to your station on the way to work.

  35. Callahan!! When I hear his voice on radio I immediately turn to another station. If the goal is to rile up people and get them at each others throats… he is the guy to do it. His political rantings and baiting approach is disgusting. When I saw just recently that this "pinhead" was going to ruin television too I was totally amazed. I guess we now know what the tv execs. want. We have enough polarizing politicos in government… now we need to see a sports guy show his totally embarass himself and his network as he tries to bait people on TV into arguments ?
    Very disappointing.

  36. Too bad. Callahan is a smart, humorous guy. Unfortunately, his humor is malicious. At least Dennis is an equal opportunity satirist. But poor Callahan allows his political and social philosophies to get the better of him. When this occurs, he becomes a cross between Rev. Falwell and Don Rickles.

  37. I've recently moved back to the area and wondered how a dipshite like Callahan got on the air. He's not very smart or insightful about any topic, sports or politics. Their commentary has the effect of making me take the opposite side of any topic they support. i like Beckett now, i want them to keep Lackey and I'm glad Theo and Tito are gone.

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