I’m going to start out with sort of a mea culpa this morning. I received the following email a little while ago:

Hey Bruce,

I have been a pretty loyal viewer over the years, even occasionally contributing a few bucks. You are losing me and alot of people I know. Your site just doesn’t work if the updates are going to be posted so late in the day. The working office person is your bread and butter. We get to work between 8 and 9, we spend 30 minutes getting our day going, checking emails, seeing what is going on in sports. We check your site. Nothing. By the time you finally update we are well into our work day and there is no way we can take the time then, and further, we have already gone to the sites directly to see the content ourselves.

Run your ship as you see fit, but by updating the links later than 9AM you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Let me first say, I totally understand this point of view, and add that if it were possible, I’d be doing the links much earlier each day. I don’t blame the emailer at all for his frustration. I understand that for some, the situation is exactly as he describes.

Circumstances the last few months have really not allowed me to do this. My 20-month-old son has been sick, (not life-threatening) and he has needed a lot of attention early in the mornings. Because of that, getting the links done during that time and taking care of my full-time day job really isn’t an option. Hopefully things can change and I can get back to the early schedule, but I wanted to acknowledge the emailer, as well as anyone else who might feel the same way. Just bear with me, please.

Bruins still haunted in own house – Mike Loftus has the Bruins struggles at the Garden continuing last night against the Canadiens.

Bruins up against a deadline – The trade deadline is this afternoon, and Stephen Harris says that the clock is ticking both towards that and on the season for the Bruins.

Littlest C’s come up big against Pistons – A. Sherrod Blakely has Nate Robinson and Rajon Rondo sparking the Celtics to victory last night in Detroit.

Nate Robinson finds comfort zone – Chris Forsberg has a look at Robinson’s success last night.

Perkins’s absence overcome – Julian Benbow has the best Celtics notebook of the day.

Red Sox spring storylines to watch – Alex Speier runs down what we need to focus on with the Red Sox over the next month.

Let the games and analysis begin for Red Sox – Michael Silverman has the Red Sox finally ready to get the spring training game schedule under way.

Pressure off, Anderson looks to rebound – Joe McDonald has 1B prospect Lars Anderson almost starting over with the Red Sox.

Patriots Draft Class of 2002 Succeeded in Landing David Givens, Deion Branch – Jeff Howe continues his series.

Jerod Mayo man of people – Ian Rapoport has the Patriots linebacker speaking to the community through a PSA.

And on the other side…

Dan Shaughnessy has been digging, and he’s found the Red Sox spring training controversy he’s been so desperately seeking! Are you ready?

Adrian Beltre doesn’t wear a cup.



18 thoughts on “C’s Win, B’s Lose

  1. He certainly didn’t break the Pentagon papers this morning, but Shaughnessy deserves at least a little credit — http://bit.ly/dggpUC. Man gets dumped on rightly for mailing it in too much of the time, yet when he produces something unique with context and some level of relevance, nothing. Dismissing it like you did makes me wonder if you even read past the initial blurb on Boston.com

    The whole thing’s worth a read for Mike Lowell’s quip alone.


    1. Jon – Dan’s been listed in the “best” articles a number of times recently. I don’t just dump on him no matter what he does.


  2. When people start to depend on a website, that is when they also tend to stop saying things like “thanks” and “your site is awesome”.

    I was a semipro football player and then the team’s announcer for years and I remember the point where it started being more of a thankless committment and less of a fun way to stay involved in the game despite my putting in more and more time and effort to improve my craft. I don’t know if I just stopped hearing the thanks and started hearing the criticism, or if my guys just started feeling more comfortable saying it… At that point, I started finding more fulfilling ways to spend my free time, for example with my family and new kid.

    So can I just say, thanks for this site which is my first stop when looking for the latest [patriots] sports news. You and whoever else do a good job, I really appreciate it, and I would be crushed if it went away.



  3. Yeah Timbuk, I feel the same way. Besides saving me a lot of time, it holds the media accountable – something this town isn’t very good at.

    Great article on Mayo btw, got to love having him on the Patriots.


  4. Bruce, that thing you do that doesn’t cost me a cent yet costs you an untold amount?

    You’re looooooosing me. Its not there with my slippers and newspaper. Fetch it son.


  5. Hey Bruce,

    Good luck to you and your son. It works perfectly for me. Just before I leave for work, there it is. I think your correspondent should move to the west, or even Hawai’i. It’d be there when he woke up!


  6. Hey Bruce- until Google buys you out, I wouldn’t worry about making sure we have the links by the time we get our cup of coffee. Keep up the good work.


  7. Last time I checked, contributing is voluntary. He’s contributing “occasionally”? I contribute monthly ($5) and I still think it’s worth more than my cancelled sub to the Globe ever was.


  8. Bruce, keep up the great work. I may not always agree with your viewpoint, but I appreciate you taking time out of your day to provide us with excellent links, regardless of if it’s at 6am, 12pm, or 6pm.


    1. As a media member, I don’t always agree with your take on what we do but this site is a must read for me every day. Bruce, your efforts don’t go unnoticed. Keep doing what you’re doing – whenever that is.


  9. Bruce,

    I for one tend to read your blog during the lunch hour. Even if that emailer thinks its a disserve by doing it after 9AM, the blog’s still very valuable to me! 🙂


  10. Sure I used to read the site early in the day..sure I had to tweak that a bit and now read it either on breaks or on lunch…so what? I appreciate this site so much not just for the links but you highlight a lot of the goings on with the 2 radio outlets with my new job I dont get to listen as much so when there is drama going on you are able to break that news for us here as well as the hirings and firings of the various media members and the media outlets

    I hope you dont go anywhere brotha and one last thing how do we donate?


  11. There are actual bums that complain that the links aren’t up at 9am? I’m looking at this website at 12:30am. Seriously, get a life and maybe do your job at 9am instead of farting around (probably on the state’s dime, too).


    1. I’d like to see what effect message boards have on productivity nationwide. I’m recently retired and I’ve noticed posters on message boards with 30,000 or more posts, most of which are during customary office hours. And you can be pretty certain that the poster visits more than one site. Take a look at the weekend message boards…….nobody. Between going outside to smoke and surfing the net, it’s amazing that anything gets done in this country.


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