The Celtics and Bruins each return to action tonight, each trying to salvage a season that began with so much promise. The Celtics are in Detroit to take on the Pistons, while the Bruins host the Canadiens at the Garden.

One thing I noticed today is great stories from Since they’re not a newspaper, they don’t need to just provide “filler” stories every single day to fill space – they have plenty of filler on their blogs, but they can save their full-length columns for features that are worthy of coverage, and can fill them out as much as they like, without space or word count restraints. They can focus on getting the stories right, rather than just trying to fit them into a predetermined space.

The result for today anyway, is a set of sports stories on that is vastly superior to the Globe sports section today. I only mention the Globe because it still holds itself up as the Gold standard for sports reporting in Boston. is superior to any outlet this morning. Not every morning, but this morning, yes.

But overall, it’s a pretty strong morning for local sports writing. We’ve got 15 main links today:

Sox caught with uncertain future behind plate – Alex Speier has a very in-depth look at the catching situation in the Red Sox organization, with profiles of the catchers are all levels.

Gary Tuck takes catching seriously – Gordon Edes looks at the man in charge of getting the catchers ready.

Smooth start for Jose Iglesias – Joe McDonald on with a great look at the Red Sox shortstop prospect. I heard McDonald talk on NH’s WGAM yesterday about Iglesias, saying how just watching him taking fielding practice was a sight to behold.

Matsuzaka has to earn back ‘benefit of the doubt’ – Rob Bradford has the Japanese ace in the position of having to prove himself.

Five Things We Learned in Indianapolis: Draft packed with pass rushers – Christopher Price shares some items picked up at the combine. Compare this column with the one from Albert R. Breer today. Breer’s is good, but Price’s is better and more Patriot-centric, which is what Patriots fans want, isn’t it?

Patriots’ 2003 Draft Class Continues to Shape History of Franchise – Jeff Howe on looks at the 2003 draft, which was among the best in franchise history.

Need and opportunity line up for Pats – Mike Reiss says that 2010 might be the most critical draft of the Bill Belichick era.

Slim pickings for top-flight receivers – Shalise Manza Young looks at possible additions to the Patriots receiving unit, both in the draft and free agency.

C’s seeking answers for a swoon Paul Flannery has a look at the Celtics lack of focus and whether this team has a chance to turn things around or not.

Celtics have fallen; can they get up? – A. Sherrod Blakely with more on the troubles with this team. Are they interested in Michael Finley?

Time for Lucic, Bruins to show what they’re made of – Mick Colageo has the Bruins set to begin the medal round of the NHL season.

Stretch drive: Bruins have work to do to qualify for the playoffs – Mike Loftus also has a piece on the keys for the Bruins between now and the end of the season.

Bruins poised to move at the deadline – Joe Haggerty rounds up the Bruins trade rumors.

It was Canada at its best – Bob Ryan wraps up the Vancouver Olympics.

Family tie brings joy of sport home – Jon Couture writes about watching his sister-in-law as her college basketball career winds down.

Check out Greg Doyle’s Q&A With Ashland QB Bill Cundiff on Patriots Daily this morning as well.

On the downside…

Gerry Callahan has a column this morning that would’ve been included with the good ones above, had he just left out his final two lines. He’s pulling a Shaughnessy and writing about the lack of controversy in the Red Sox spring training camp. He seems to write it as a good thing, until the end:

And it’s not always going to be this way here at Camp Kumbaya. Sooner or later Francona is going to have to post a lineup card for real, and some former All-Star is going to have to hit eighth. Here’s hoping he erupts like Milton Bradley.

That’s pure Shaughnessy right there.

I’ve enjoyed Toucher and Rich continuing to tweak WEEI with the whole texting scandal.


14 thoughts on “Celtics, Bruins Try To Get Back on Track

    1. Their recent weeklong vacation also probably helped recharge their create batteries, although part of the cost was having to endure five straight mornings of Gresh.


  1. C’mon Bruce, don’t take things so seriously. Callahan’s obviously joking in the last couple lines of his column.


    1. Knowing that most of the local media visits this site, it almost makes you wonder if some of them will write a sentence or two like that just to tweak Bruce. It certainly can’t be to get a rise out of their readers, because I would guess most of them care little about those who help support them.


  2. Since controversy and sex scandals are a proven way for media outlets to make money, I’m wondering why nobody in Fort Myers has started a brush fire. What’s it going to take, Harvey Levin and a TMZ camera to show up one day?


  3. Has anyone noticed that Peter Gammons now looks like Al Pacino as Michael Corleone in the latter stages of “Godfather 3”?


    1. Gammons lost his fastball in the 2003 American League Championship Series when he continuously prattled that Tim Wakefield was the only knuckleballer to win a game in the post season. And to think Gene Bearden did it against Boston in 1948! He still hasn’t corrected himself.

      Gammons on NESN or on is like Willie Mays with the ’73 Mets. Pathetic. Embarassingly pathetic.


      1. Bearden’s victory over the Red Sox in 1948 wasn’t a postseason game. The A.L. considers one-game playoffs to be the 163rd game of the regular season.


  4. Considering that the critics of Shaughnessy have been completely debunked, it is amusing to find that their silly obsession with only saying good things about local teams is now transposed onto Callahan.

    I can’t want to hear the outcry when some columnist writes the inevitable column about either a) whether Claude or Doc will be fired first or b) the need to get the NBA to relax its ban on player-coaches so Kevin Garnett can replace Rivers ASAP.


    1. There’s a big difference between criticizing Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett for their performance, (which would be deserved) and openly hoping that something controversial happens in Red Sox camp so you can have something to write about – making your job easier.


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