After losing Adam Kilgore to the Washington Post, the Boston Globe didn’t waste much time in bringing on a new writer for the Patriots beat.

Shalise Manza Young, who has been the Patriots beat writer for the Providence Journal for the last few seasons, and has been at the paper for 15 years, has been hired to take Kilgore’s place.

Young announced the news on both Twitter and Facebook this afternoon. On the latter, she posted:

I am thrilled to announce that after 15 years I will be leaving the Journal and joining the Boston Globe as their Patriots beat writer…

Good hire for the Globe, and another blow to the ProJo, which has lost Tom E. Curran, Sean McAdam, Art Martone, Joe McDonald to competitors, and others to layoffs and buyouts in the last few years, and now Young to the Globe.

Young has had a pretty good offseason, being the first to report that Dean Pees would not be returning as defensive coordinator and that tight ends coach Shane Waldron would also not be returning in 2010.


11 thoughts on “Boston Globe Hires Shalise Manza Young as Patriots Beat Writer

  1. She’s very good but, as we’ve seen recently with the destruction of Gasper and Breer, how long before she goes “stir the pot and write with attitude” on us?


  2. ….yeah, the Projo has lost alot but they can’t shake themselves of Donaldson and Reynolds. Those 2 dinosaurs must have lifetime contracts.


  3. I remember the grief Young took when the Pees story came out. Especially since Pees was so indignant. It seemed like the majority of the media thought Young was off-base. Once the story unfolded it was proven that she was right. Good for her.


  4. Embarassing hire for the Globe. Young’s lack of professionalism and decorum in the press box during games is legendary. If this is the best they can do it is a severe blow to the once-proud Globe sports section.


    1. J Doe –

      You mean like the professionalism and decorum you’re showing taking pot-shots at me while hiding behind a fake screen name?

      I assume you’re a media member if you’ve been in a press box with me. If you have a problem with me, contact me. That’s how professionals do it.



      1. J Doe – clearly a member of the upstanding local media. Shalise just owned you and whoever you are (Felger?), you’re a coward.


  5. I’m glad the Globe hired Young. I know she’s landed a few good scoops, but more importantly I think she’s a great analyst and writer – she’s bright, articulate and very good at her craft. It seems The ProJo is an incubator for good sports writers although they must hate losing so many good writers to the Globe.


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