The Celtics once again held a double-digit lead in last night’s game, only to see the young Sacramento Kings come back to take a brief lead in the fourth quarter. This time though, the Celtics had enough to hold off the Kings, who certainly didn’t help themselves with 2-10 free throw shooting in the fourth quarter.

Reserve strength helps Celtics beat Kings – A. Sherrod Blakely looks at how the bench carried the Celtics to the win last night.

Sources: Celtics to land Knicks’ Nate Robinson – Mark Murphy has the Celtics close to obtaining three-time slam dunk champion Robinson, possibly in exchange for Eddie House.

Flights of fancy boost Williams – Julian Benbow with a thorough Celtics notebook, leading off with Sheldon Williams’ quick trip to Russia over the All Star Break.

New York media: Jonathan Papelbon ‘may be closing for the Yankees sooner than you think’ – Dan Lamothe criticizes a New York Post story that took some of the Red Sox closer’s words to mean he’ll be in pinstripes soon.

United Football League Team Officially Arrives In Connecticut – Paul Doyle looks at Hartford landing a UFL franchise, (The former New York Sentinels) which will be coached by Chris Palmer.

What the Pats should do this offseason – The Patriots should hire Tom E Curran right now, because he just has all the answers.

Mailbag is full with talk of Wilfork, FAs – Mike Reiss answers reader questions in his mailbag.

John Lackey: Passionate pitches – Gordon Edes with a feature on the new Red Sox right hander, and how his intensity on the mound should be embraced by Boston fans.

Lowell braces himself for an uncertain spring – Rob Bradford talks to Mike Lowell about getting ready to play baseball in 2010 – no matter where that might be.

Plenty of ‘pen options – Mike Fine checks the bullpen options for the Red Sox.

Also check out Chris Warner’s Q&A with Boston College Linebacker Mike McLaughlin on Patriots Daily as the former Eagle preps for the NFL draft. Good stuff about being a “Mike” linebacker, and from a guy who grew up a Patriots fan.

Today is the day Entercom boss David Field meets with their Boston employees, as reported by Jessica Heslam last week. While Heslam’s story speculated that staff cuts might be coming, Glenn Ordway scoffed at that idea on his show yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Celtics Hold Off Kings

  1. Curran’s article is at least thought-provoking without being snarky in the Felger/Borges mold.

    However, I still don’t get this media obsession with how “ordinary” or “mediocre” the Pats have allegedly become. While it’s true that as of right now they’re “just another playoff team,” they’re still a playoff team–not a team careening towards the NFL basement to join Oakland and Detroit and St. Louis. It won’t take a complete overhaul to bring them back to championship-contender status. It will take a fair amount of work, but it won’t take the complete overhaul that a lot of media people have alluded to since the Wild Card loss. This was still a team that was a couple of poorly executed plays away from being 12-4 last year.

    And Randy Moss’ performances down the stretch were “uninspired?” Didn’t we just find out that he was playing hurt over the last several weeks? I thought that media myth about Moss had been laid to rest already. Curran’s usually above that sort of tripe.


  2. Actually Curran writes a well thought-out article. I don’t like him but it’s a good article which even includes some under the radar Eagle’s LB. Some of it is condescending but at least you can see he put a lot of thought into it.

    Also a good article by Edes. Look forward to watching Lackey pitch.


  3. Jessica Heslam said in the Herald that the “all staff” meeting at Entercom was canceled but Field did meet with some sales staff.

    Interesting poss.: K Vahey said on boston-radio-interest that acc to a Sox official, the team is demanding full payment of ’10 radio rights by March 1, no extensions, and a backup plan is in place. So if, if, if Entercom doesn’t come up with the money would the Sox then turn to CBS and 98.5? Sox in FM Stereo, no static, no static at all (and yes I know some of their affiliates are already FMs) Stay tuned.


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