There are a number of good topics out there today, as the Celtics are in Los Angeles to take on the Lakers, and will likely have a new member of their team (Nate Robinson). There is also the possibility that Danny Ainge could pull something else off before this afternoon’s 3:00PM trade deadline.

Also, Deion Branch stated his desire to return to the Patriots, which would have to be via trade, as the Seahawks have said they won’t release him. And oh yeah, pitchers and catchers officially report to Fort Meyers today.

Shooting for versatility – For those of you wondering what Nate Robinson can bring to the Celtics and what Danny Ainge is thinking in bringing him here, the best basketball writer in town, Steve Bulpett explains.

What’s deal with Nate Robinson? – Chris Forsberg disagrees with Bulpett, calling this move more of a shake-up than an upgrade.

Doc Rivers lauds Eddie House’s professional approach – Bulpett with a second strong article today as he has Coach Doc Rivers appreciative of all that Eddie House has brought to the team.

Roots tug at Deion Branch – Karen Guregian has Branch talking about how much he still loves coach Belichick (wait, I thought the players hated their coach) and how he would probably be crying at a press conference if he got to come back.

Team’s hands tied on Adalius Thomas – Ian Rapoport explains why the Patriots haven’t parted ways with Thomas just yet.

Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity on WXKS-AM lineup – Jessica Heslam reports that yesterday’s all-staff meeting at Entercom was cancelled, and has a look at the Red Sox spring training plans for various media outlets.

Boof Bonser Has Chance to Be Difference-Maker for Red Sox Out of Bullpen – Tom Caron looks at why a game named Boof could be a big addition to the Red Sox.

Buchholz could have inside track this time – Daniel Barbarisi has Clay Buchholz in a much better position with the Red Sox in 2010.

Lots of managers wished they had Terry Francona’s issues – Mike Fine says that the Red Sox manager might have a myriad of moving parts, but most major league managers would be happy being given what Francona has to work with.

Matsuzaka thrown off schedule by sore upper back – Amalie Benjamin has Daisuke Matsuzaka suffering a back injury while training, which puts him behind the rest of the pitchers a little bit.

2 thoughts on “Celtics/Lakers, Trade Deadline, Branch Wants To Return

  1. Deion Branch – please go away. You did your work, you got your money. We don’t need another failed veteran receiver who can’t stay on the field.

    Try Oakland – you can hang with your buddy Seymour.


  2. A couple of items. One, I was driving home last night and tried to get some sports talk. DA was talking to a Celtic’s dancer which I had no interest in. WJAB in Maine had the amazingly obnoxious Petros Pappadakas on so I went click. I was a little to far away to get ESPN Radio on WTPL in New Hampshire. The Brian Kenney show was on and he is a pretty good listen. So I was left with (ugh!)Mike Adams. Guess who he was talking about? That’s right, Manny Ramirez and his inability to have more triples? Are you friggin kidding me?! Mikey, let it go. This is his second full year not being on the Sox. Also complaining about Manny’s lack of triples is like complaining about Shaq’s lack of free throw makes during the Laker’s title runs. It is insanely trivial. Stop the madness!

    Two, thank god for hackers. I’m not talking about the ones who do all kinds of bad things but ones who do good things like show the Olympic Games live via the internet. I got to see Lindsey Vonn win her gold. It was a demolition derby out there. There had to have been at least ten spills. Vonn’s performance was spectacular. CTV of Canada did a tremendous job showing how much faster Vonn could have gone had she not had her shin problem. NBC did the same thing but it was seven hours after the event when you had to live in a cave to not know who won. They also only showed eight of the 40 skiers. I know NBC supposedly has great ratings but do you think the ratings would be worse if the coverage was live? Ken Fang wrote a terrific article his frustration with NBC. I can hope ESPN wins the next contract.


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