Gordon Edes has his first post up at ESPNBoston.com today:

Back where I belong

New England is my home, baseball remains my game, and after being away, I am even more persuaded that there is no better place to talk, write, blog, tweet, text, chat and care about baseball than right here, for this audience. Many of you already know me, from my 12 years of covering the Red Sox for the Boston Globe and from posing as Heidi Watney’s favorite uncle on NESN. I hope to renew acquaintances with you, while introducing myself to many more of you through what we intend to be the go-to site for all things Red Sox. For openers, we have Peter Gammons on our side, which is like spotting us Pedro Martinez.

Good to have you back, Gordo…


3 thoughts on “Gordon Edes Officially In at ESPNBoston.com

  1. It is good news. I cannot help but point out that he was forced out at the Globe and then spun it as he wanted an opportunity to expand his focus to the national scene. Basically that translated to I ain’t happy about being shown the door and Yahoo Sports was the best job I could land on short notice. Now it is being made out to be that he made a misguided career move and realized the error of his ways when it is really him getting back on his feet professionally.

    I have nothing against Edes, have always like his work and these types of bumps in the road happen to a lot of us (myself included). I just find it funny how it is being spun when it is apparent what really happened.


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