Now we know. The biggest difference between the Patriots of week two, and the Patriots now is the little guy who wears number 83. By doing everything in their power to ensure that Randy Moss didn’t beat them, Darrelle Revis and the Jets won that battle, but lost the war in a 31-14 victory by the Patriots. Welker finished with 15 catches for 192 yards on the afternoon.

Chris Warner has the Gut Check after this one.

Adam Kilgore has the Patriots successfully moving from last weeks loss in Indy. Tom E. Curran has the Patriots avoiding the “Indy Hangover” by handily beating the Jets. Ian R. Rapoport has the opportunistic Patriots taking advantage of the Jets mistakes yesterday. Shalise Manza Young has the Patriots bringing an end to a long week with the big win yesterday. Tim Whelan Jr. has the Patriots hazing the Jets rookie QB on their way to victory. Jennifer Toland has the Patriots bouncing back and getting some revenge. Tim Weisberg says that this could be the statement game that the Patriots defense has been waiting for. Mark Farinella says there were plenty of superlatives all around for the Patriots yesterday. Mike Reiss has the Patriots getting off the mat to deliver a knockout yesterday.

Michael Felger says that the Patriots might’ve played terribly in this game, but thanks to Mark Sanchez, the Patriots made it look easy. Steve Buckley says that you can always count on the Jets to make a lot of noise, and to face away as the season goes on. Rich Garven has the Patriots just getting back to ‘Business as Usual’ yesterday at Gillette. Jonathan Comey looks at this game and others in Monday Morning Fullback. Christopher Price shows us 10 Things We Learned Yesterday.

Bob Ryan looks at the huge afternoon by Welker, and wonders again why Miami ever let him come here. Jeff Jacobs says that thanks to Welker, this rematch was no match at all. Ron Borges says that while Revis may have shut down Randy Moss, Welker shut up the entire Jets team. Reiss says that Welker could be the Pats’ MVP this season. Brian MacPherson says that next time perhaps the Jets should send Revis over to cover Welker. Jim Donaldson says that it was Welker that made the difference between the week two loss and yesterday’s win. Andy Vogt has Welker as the key to beating the Jets defense. Farinella has more on the unstoppable Mr. Welker yesterday. Glen Farley says that Welker was no side story yesterday.

Albert R. Breer has Vince Wilfork once again anchoring the defense up front. Karen Guregian says that the defense never lost its swagger or confidence this week, and they showed that on the field. Glen Farley has the defense putting an exclamation point on their statement game. Reiss has the Patriots defense bringing heat yesterday, and Mark Sanchez wilting as a result. Robert Lee looks at the huge afternoon from cornerback Leigh Bodden. Rich Thompson has Bodden picking off Mark Sanchez three times yesterday. Farinella has No. 23 feeling comfortable here in New England.

Dan Duggan has Tom Brady and the Patriots getting much better results against the Jets this time around. Chris Forsberg has Brady able to handle the pressure of the Jets yesterday. Monique Walker has Laurence Maroney with another fumble, but also two touchdowns on the afternoon.

Brendan Hall looks at the job Darrelle Revis did in backing up his talk about keeping Randy Moss covered. Bill Burt makes this matchup his biggest focus of the game.

Borges gives us the best and the worst from yesterday. Duggan examines the marquee matchup of Revis vs. Moss. Lee has postgame analysis from both sides of the ball. Hector Longo continues to hate Jerod Mayo in his Two-minute Drill. Take that, you Kool-Aid drinkers.

Walker’s notebook has Leigh Bodden coming up with three interceptions off Mark Sanchez on the afternoon. Rapoport’s notebook has Maroney continuing his solid play as of late. Heading up Young’s Talking points is Revis being able to get the better of Randy Moss once again. The Daily News’ notebook has the Patriots getting the better of  “The San-chise.” Toland’s notebook has Bodden and the defense playing like they had something to prove yesterday. Weisberg’s notebook has Welker leaving us to wonder how the Patriots might’ve fared had #83 played in week two. Farinella’s notebook has Tom Brady adding to his resume yesterday. Farley’s notebook has an Easton grandmother picking up $300,00 at halftime.

5 thoughts on “Wes is More For Patriots Against Jets

  1. I’m not sure the Jets did “everything in their power” to stop Moss. They just put a really good defender on him and the rest of the D struggled with Welker.


  2. Hector’s analysis is poor, but that is true of most reporters. His poor grammar sets him apart from his peers. From the first line of his piece:

    Brady/Welker — Wes Welker’s best day ever as a Patriot, and there’s been some great ones.


  3. Longo unleashed a stat of which I’ve never heard: yards per tackle.So let’s say Jerrod Mayo has 10 solo tackles: nine one-yard gains and one in which he runs down a running back from behind after a 77-yard gain. That’s 86 yards total, and 8.6 yards per tackle. Unacceptable in the Longo world of Hector Bizarro.


  4. Maybe the Jets should have put Darell “Ty Law” Revis on Welker. Or maybe they should just stop talking because here we are, November 23, and the Jets are effectively eliminated from the playoffs, as usual.


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