Forget the killing frost and stockpiling cases of dry gas for optimal winter performance. Ease up on closing that pool and racing down to Burlington Coat Factory ahead of everyone else. It’s going to hit 70 degrees this weekend and that means it’s NBA time again in Boston. Tossing Batting Practice is thrilled that the return of basketball is no longer a harbinger of cold weather.

The Green got it going on Tuesday, working the front end of an opening night doubleheader. The Crowe’s Nest has the C’s part of the most watched opening night in TNT’s 26 years of broadcasting. The Boston Score sees parallels with the C’s getting their KG on the same night the Lakers got their rings.

Notwithstanding the opening minutes of Tuesday, the season got off to a good start in Cleveland. Celtics Hub has the C’s remaining calm through the Cavs’ initial run that opened up a double-digit first quarter lead. It may have been only the first game, but Green Street says this wasn’t just any opponent on any court. Loy’s Place says the bench turned this one around. Fernsten’s Follies has the C’s bench on a mission to outplay their opponents.

With Ray Allen logging 42 opening night minutes, Red’s Army is already worried that Doc Rivers is leaning on him too heavily. Lex Nihil Novi says the bench should free Doc from the double-negative need to pace his starters.

CelticsBlog says the C’s have to beat the full spectrum of teams, from Cleveland on Tuesday to Charlotte last night. Speaking of which, 59 points would have earned the Bobcats a tie in Foxborough but it’s a hard ‘L’ at TD Garden. NESN’s Tony Lee has the C’s a chatty defensive bunch who practice what they preach. With a 2-0 start, Celtics Central thinks the integration of Rasheed Wallace has been seamless.

LOSCY says that the Lebron-Shaq marriage is heading for rocky times ahead, but it will be just a rearview mirror distraction to the C’s. Celtics 17 sees age and injuries as the only things stopping the C’s this year. As Mikey Adams would say, Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the show?

BallerBlogger has the rundown on Lebron running down Rajon Rondo Tuesday night. Perk Is A Beast thinks there’s only one player taken ahead of Rondo in the 2006 draft that is on his level. Rondo makes it the Big Four, so I’m Just Sayin’ is just sayin’.

CeltsHeads thinks Big Baby needs another sit-down with KG.


Ten games into the season, Caveman Strong says the B’s have a lot of work to do. Kathryn Tappen‘s formula in avoiding questions off the ice is to provide some answers on the ice, but she’s still waiting. The Hockey Blog Adventure thinks the next ten games will be better as the new folks fit in. Zdeno Chara tops Black & Gold‘s list of ten bad things about the 2009-10 start, but the View From 311 is that Derek Morris isn’t giving him crisp passes.

Big Bad Blog says that when Patrice Bergeron speaks everyone listens, and he’s helping to get this season back on course. Something’s Bruin is already lusting for the top pick in next year’s NHL entry draft.

Hey, if accounting is not your bag you may agree with Bobby Orr’s Bastard, who says the NHL has it all over the NFL.


Things are a little light in Foxborough this week as the Pats get ready for some R&R. PatsPulpit is looking forward to the bye this weekend and the schedule beyond.

BeatPaths claims to be unimpressed with the Pats’ win over Tampa Bay on Sunday, even as they rank them fifth on their quizzical system. Upon further review of the win in London, It Is What It Is thinks Sebastian Vollmer is not ready to take over at left tackle and Adalius Thomas needs this bye week. The Patriot Act takes cold comfort from streaks of non-failure, such as Tom Brady’s intercept-free run of 183 pass attempts that ended Sunday.

Jeff Howe praises Vince Wilfork for pushing aside contract issues and just playing football. Blaug thinks Maine Black Bear alum Brandon McGowan derserves some man love for his play at safety. And Robert Kraft liked England so much that Extra Points has him interested in buying a team there.


Yeah, I know: we gotta do more Eagles. So, sit back, stop complaining, and enjoy this mid-season NFL siesta. It’s gonna cost you some baseball links, though, and on a day after the Yankees lose no less.

BC Heights has five turnovers in South Bend costing the Eagles a chance for their seventh straight win over the Fighting Irish last Saturday. Given that loss, BC Draft plots out every possible scenario for the remainder of the season, with the best having the Eagles winning the FedEx Orange Bowl. Hey, you heard it here first. Eagle All Access wonders if the Eagles can get over their Irish hangover in time for Central Michigan this week. The BC Blog has Chestnut Hill taken aback by the mid-season transfers of Josh Haden and Justin Tuggle. Eagle in Atlanta says Coach Spaziani took a risky stance in handling the Haden transfer.

The Maine Campus has the Black Bears well rested and looking to spoil the No. 19 UMass Minutemen’s playoff chances again this weekend. Alex in Wonderland thinks Harvard’s Homecoming needs some work. Only weeks after the NFL’s Detroit Lions won a game, College Sports Blog has Dartmouth’s Big Green following suit. And finally, Sox & Dawgs reports on the events planned this Saturday in Storrs to honor the memory of murdered UConn CB Jasper Howard.

Okay, we can’t totally resist baseball, as Boston Dirt Dogs puts some old 2004 memorabilia to good use tonight. Go Pedey! Here’s hoping your arm is as vintage as your mouth. See you all next Thursday.

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