Changing things up a little here and for today, I decided to just bring you the best of what out there in the Boston newspapers/websites. If it’s not here, you’re not missing much. (These are not in any particular order)

1) How Welker Became Mr. Reliable for the Patriots – Christopher Price has a look at Wes Welker and why he flourishes in the Patriots offensive system.

2) Meriweather establishing comfort zone – Albert Breer has Rodney Harrison and others talking about the growth and maturity of Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather, who has become the Patriots top playmaker on defense.

3) After red, Heinsohn’s true color is Green – Bill Doyle chats with Comcast SportsNet Celtics broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn, who talks about losing his wife Helen last year to cancer, and about this year’s Celtics.

4) Gotham pity for Pedro Martinez – Michael Silverman has Pedro Martinez feeling, looking and sounding like a winner despite the Phillies 3-1 loss to the Yankees last night.

5) Help Out The Umps – Jeff Jacobs pleads for Major League umpires to get some help from technology in the postseason.

6) Everybody’s in the mix: Doc Rivers can play mad scientist concocting Celtics combos – Mark Murphy with a look at the seemingly endless combinations that Doc Rivers can put out on the court with this Celtics team.

7) After bye, Pats will see Denver copycats – Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss take a big-picture look at the Patriots and the rest of the season.

8 ) Effort is there, but this time, goals are not. – Mike Loftus recaps last night’s 2-1 Bruins loss to the Devils.

9) Tenacious Russillo finds his voice at ESPN – Chad Finn catches up with Ryen Russillo, who is happy with his roles at the the Worldwide Leader.

10) Cuban defector Jose Iglesias looks to fill Red Sox’ need – Sean McAdam’s piece on Red Sox shortstop prospect Jose Iglesias, a Cuban defector signed last summer.

(Reluctant addition) A fistful of Bird history – Dan Shaughnessy’s column on Larry Bird’s 1985 barroom fight is noteworthy only for the Cedric Maxwell quotes, which, for the most part, really don’t have much to do with the column’s premise.

Also check out a bye week edition of the Worry Wart by Chris Warner over on Patriots Daily…

*OK, technically there were 12 links here.

12 thoughts on “Only The 10* Best Links Today

  1. I bet John Dennis’ daughter regrets not accepting a date from Ryen Russillo now that he’s hit the big time. I bet that the fact that Ryen works for ESPN now really frosts John’s a$$.


  2. On Shank’s spittle:

    Jackie Mac’s book is “spectacular”?!?

    Can anyone unearth what Dan wrote about the Chelsea’s fight at the time (1986)? He proudly mentions that Bird didn’t speak to him for seven months (not that he was counting) after he wrote about it, but I’d like to know precisely what he wrote – and whe.


  3. That Bird fight may have cost the Celtics back-to-back titles. One of the main reasons the Lakers beat them in the ’85 Finals was Bird’s lost shooting touch because of the injured finger (and a bad elbow that he’d been nursing since the end of the regular season); and also Maxwell’s knee injury, which forced McHale into the starting lineup, shortened the C’s bench rotation and basically made KC Jones resort to playing Robert Parish 40+ minutes a night in the playoffs–he was dead tired by the time the Finals arrived (which is one of the reasons why 38-year old Kareem was able to dominate him in that series)…..but I’m not still bitter about it 24 years later.


  4. Bruce’s name was mentioned in the Ordway/Simmons Feud..Apparently Simmons doesn’t man up and talk crap to the Big O’s face. He’s not accountable like the Big Show and the whiner line where they don’t hide behind their listeners or bits.


    1. To clarify, Ordway used your name Bruce to say that Simmons is an internet tough guy and had some feud with you. It was very flimsy.


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