A night after beating the Cavaliers on the road, the Celtics returned to TD Garden for their home opener last night. Was there any chance of a letdown with the Charlotte Bobcats in town?

I think the score of the 92-59 Celtics win speaks for itself.

Julian Benbow has the Celtics lockdown “D” completely stifling the Bobcats. Mark Murphy has the Celtics starting the home schedule by holding Charlotte to a franchise-low in points.  Couper Moorhead says that the Celtics appear to be defending everything except a title this season. Scott Souza agrees that the Celtics defense was the biggest story of this game. Bill Doyle has the Celtics showing they can get by just fine without the Big Baby. David Willis has the Celtics making the Bobcats look like an overmatched JV team. Jim Fenton has the Celtics using stingy defense to start out 2-0. Robert Lee says that the Celtics have their swagger back.

Bob Ryan says that the Celtics aren’t that good, Charlotte simply didn’t show up last night. Steve Buckley says that Rasheed Wallace doesn’t just look good in the Celtics uniform, he looks right in it, and is is a perfect fit for this team. Bill Burt agrees that Wallace is a perfect fit for the Celtics. Lenny Megliola has the Celtics getting the expected result last night against the Bobcats. Tim Weisberg says that this wasn’t like last year’s home opener, but this is a different team than last year.

Steve Bulpett says that Glen Davis has a responsibility now to learn from his mistake, and put his career and like on the proper course going forward. Gary Washburn says that the Celtics versatility was on full display last night. Paul Flannery has a look at three things we learned from last night’s game. Chris Forsberg says that the defense certainly didn’t rest on the second night of a back-to-back.

Frank Dell’Apa has a look at Kendrick Perkins, who had four blocked shots, and was a force in the paint. Dan Duggan has Perkins flexing his muscle in the win. Jeff Goodman though, is glad that Perkins was on the bench during crunch time in Cleveland the night before.

Duggan looks at how Charlotte coach Larry Brown urged the Celtics to sign Wallace in the offseason. Mike Fine has the Celtics and their fans eagerly adopting Wallace as their own. Forsberg says that Wallace’s Garden debut went well in every way.

Marc D’Amico looks at the keys to the game.

Benbow’s notebook has the Celtics including Glen Davis in introductions, even though he was absent and suspended. Murphy’s notebook has Doc River with a quick hook for Kevin Garnett last night after KG hit the deck in the third quarter. Doyle’s notebook has Sheldon Williams getting his chance with Davis suspended. Fenton’s notebook has Wallace getting a warm welcome. Lee’s Celtics Journal has Williams getting a bigger chance with Davis out.


Over on Patriots Daily, Jeremy Gottlieb is going Around the League, and says that he doesn’t mind at all that there is a clear line between the best teams and worst teams in the NFL.

Mike Reiss has a look at how the Patriots have managed to rebuild their defense on-the-fly and still remain a winner.

Adam Kilgore, now on the Patriots beat, has a look at rookie receiver Brandon Tate, who wants to make a big impact now that he is recovered from the knee injury suffered last year in college. Ian R. Rapoport has a look at Tully Banta-Cain, who has been a pleasant surprise since coming back to the Patriots this season, and who wants to stay right here with the team.

Brian MacPherson has Brandon Meriweather’s play last week and all season, drawing attention from around the NFL. Andy Vogt has Meriweather as a star on the rise in the Patriots defense. Shalise Manza Young has a look around the AFC East, where the Patriots are back where they’re used to being – on top. Glen Farley has the Patriots on top of the AFC East despite a spotty rushing attack.

Jonathan Comey has the Patriots fourth in his NFL Power Rankings. Rapoport says that we could be seeing more of Mark LeVoir in coming weeks as well. Reiss looks at the benefits of Dean Pees calling plays from the press box.

Rapoport’s notebook has Brandon Meriweather brushing off his AFC Defensive Player of the Week award, and even praise from his former mentor Rodney Harrison. Monique Walker’s notebook has Meriweather trying to keep things in perspective. Young’s Patriots Journal has Meriweather staying humble. Farley’s notebook has more on Meriweather, who believes his best is still to come.

Where is Ron Borges to scoff and remind us again that Meriweather is closer to Donna Reed than Ed Reed?


Mike Loftus has the Bruins looking to find their groove. Rich Thompson says that the Bruins know exactly what to expect from the Devils. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says that that is true of Martin Brodeur as well.

Peter Abraham has Cuban pitching prospect Aroldis Chapman visiting the Red Sox yesterday.

Michael Silverman has Pedro Martinez holding court before his World Series start tonight.

4 thoughts on “Celtics Maul Bobcats

    1. “Mazz” is the kind of guy that you meet in a bar, and inside of about a minute, you realize he doesn’t know s**t about sports. Or anything of substance. This column makes Borges look like Ray Fitzgerald.


  1. Separating the Reiss from the chaff….

    Re: “Where is Ron Borges to scoff and remind us again that Meriweather is closer to Donna Reed than Ed Reed?”

    I’m sure you didn’t intend this as a trivial dig at Borges, Bruce, and on a site dedicated to Boston sports media it’s actually quite trenchant. I think we can all agree that Reiss is the new gold standard for sports writing in Boston. But it’s not simply that he does his homework, sticks to the game, and treats his readers with respect. It’s also that he never wastes time going out of his way to take totally gratuitous shots at the professionals whose work he gets paid to cover. In eschewing snarkiness for smartness, he is slowly but surely leading Boston sports writing out of the long, foolish era of the CHB and his cohort who eagerly sacrifice insight and analysis for a chance at a clever line that draws attention to themselves, as in: “Hey look at me, I get to write and ridicule jocks who make more money than any of you shmoes reading me ever will.”


  2. When it comes to Borges, I always start with the assumption that any snarky shot he takes at a player is really a thinly-veiled shot at Belichick and the fans who believe in BB’s system, in spite of all the wondrous piles of “evidence” that Borges has presented to them (the fans) over the past decade which proves that BB doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    This constant caterwalling about Merriweather not being anywhere close to Ed Reed, to me, is a shot both at the fans who might be starting to think that the kid is becoming a very good player, and at the man who drafted Merriweather in the first round: Belichick is Austin Powers to Borges’ Dr. Evil (or is it the other way around?), in Ronnie’s mind anyway…you can bet that BB doesn’t give a rat’s ass what that cranky, discredited, plagiarizing jackass thinks of him, and that drives Borges even crazier.


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