There’s a lot on the plate today, so we’ll have to make do with a few quick links and comments for this morning…

The Red Sox beat the White Sox last night 6-3 at Fenway Park. Check all the coverage from

In that game, Jacoby Ellsbury stole his 55th base of the season, a new Red Sox franchise record.

Dan Shaughnessy catches Kevin Youkilis with some things to say.

Tom Brady’s comments to the media yesterday about money and contracts had the media abuzz yesterday. Their articles are all over at

Over on Patriots Daily, we’ve got a column from Jeremy Gottlieb, who notes that the Patriots linebackers are still a concern on defense. Check back over there a little later today as we look at the coverage of Tom Brady’s comments yesterday.

Fang’s Bites has the nightly viewing picks, and media links from around the country.