• Ebersol calls Costas, Michaels and Collinsworth a "trio of talent [that] is unsurpassed probably in the history of television." #
  • As usual, Dennis Drinkwater couldn't get out of Fenway fast enough after the ball left Ortiz's bat #redsox #
  • I liked the bit between Remy & D.O. about if Remy did a "rehab start" in the minors before returning to the #redsox booth. #
  • RT @richarddeitsch: If you get the MLB Network, something cool: Net is simulcasting Vin Scully’s FSN Prime call of LA-Col tom. at 3pm ET. #
  • BSMW Network Post: Wednesday’s Links http://bit.ly/wMHHH #
  • BSMW Network Post: Brady Comments Spark Media Overreaction http://bit.ly/11yv5i #
  • RT @PatriotsDaily: New blog post: Brady Comments Spark Media Overreaction http://bit.ly/DZVJt #
  • RT @realpatriots: Yesterday's press corps included a TV crew from the UK and a reporter from Germany. Next week, a crew from China. #
  • BSMW Network Post: Wednesday Quicklinks – Sox Beat Sox Again http://bit.ly/7CY78 #
  • BSMW Network Post: Wednesday’s Viewing Picks http://bit.ly/1nvOW #
  • BSMW Network Post: Pats Linebackers Still a Concern http://bit.ly/NzNDp #
  • BSMW Network Post: Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-08-25 http://bit.ly/2U6tK9 #

6 thoughts on “Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-08-26

  1. Spot on comment about Drinkwater. Anytime there’s a walkoff, he runs from his seat the way Larry Bird ran off the parquet after a championship. And did you know that he wears an ’04 championship ring?

    Gimme a break.

    I really resent having to look at him every time I watch the Sox. Really resent it.


    1. More than that, I resent that Drinkwater has apparently had his first name legally changed to ‘Den’. What is up with that?? I’ve known a few Dennises in my day, none of them ever went by Den. Why does Drinkwater suddenly want to be referred to as a room in your house? I hope it isn’t because the folks who produce the Giant Glass commercials wanted to cut the spots down for time so they were looking at ways to shorten his script.

      If he wants to try and be hip, I could begrudgingly accept ‘D-Wat’.


  2. Karen Guregian is a complete joke. I never read her articles through Bruce’s links, but just so happened to see a print copy of the Herald yesterday. She should be run off the beat by Patriots fans (a la Tomase) for that one She is allegedly a reporter right?

    Report the facts you f’n useless c*nt, don’t attempt to create them.


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