LJ Two-Pack

From WEEI.com
From WEEI.com


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LJs Cartoon on WEEI.com
LJ's "Cartoon" on WEEI.com
LJs Source
LJ's Source

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Bruce Allen


6 thoughts on “LJ Two-Pack”

  1. Classless –

    This crook needs to be exposed EVERY time he rips someone off.

    If you are a fan of someone ripping others off, perhaps you’d better go back to reading your daily Globe.


  2. If it wasn’t for this place I would never see an LJ trace….I mean, do people actually log on to WEEI.COM and check out LJ’s cartoons?…..I guess it’s possible but…


  3. Now it all makes sense…

    artist – A person whose trade or profession requires a knowledge of design, drawing, painting, etc; a person whose work exhibits exceptional skill.

    arteeest (how LJ is referred to on ‘EEI) – A person who traces pictures, colors within the lines (usually) and knows little about sports.


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