Aside from NFL training camp, July means MLB trade speculation, and that fuels talk here in Boston as much as anywhere else. No one wants complacency in this arena and, frankly, with the Yankees winning two of every three games not involving Boston, the Sox may not have the luxury to sit back this year.

Enter Roy Halladay – if not to Boston, then possibly New York. Boston Sports Blog has this as much about keeping Halladay out of the Bronx as getting him to Boston. One If By Land reminds us that Halladay could be a Yankee soon enough even if there is no trade. NESN’s Boston Red Sox blog suggests it may take six prospects to get Halladay and that the Sox system doesn’t have enough to woo the Jays. Say what? That’s one more than MLB Trade Rumors has the Cardinals ready to offer. My kingdom for a cool head. Here’s one: unless Halladay can hit .300, Tom Caron will pass.

Caught Off The Wall isn’t surprised that neither the Sox or Yanks have inquired about Halladay, given the anticipated asking price. Fenway West is deathly afraid of Halladay going to the Yankees but gets huffy at the prospect of Clay Buchholtz being involved in bringing him to Fenway. Rich Levine thinks maybe Buchholz ain’t that young anymore. Fighting Words has Buchholtz hearing that giant sucking sound of Dusty Brown and Aaron Bates being swept right up to the parent club.

Once again, Tim Wakefield is tops on the team as he won his eleventh game the night after Josh Beckett got his tenth. Sox Tea Party has Wakefield’s All-Star nod ruffling a few feathers over there in Bristol, while Over The Monster entertains the crazy idea of Wake starting. Keep Your Sox On defends the Wakefield selection on the basis of lifetime achievement and intangibles. An 11-3 record with a serviceable 4.14 ERA won’t do it, eh? Full Count has A.L. Manager Joe Maddon discussing who will catch Wakefield in St. Loius.

Yes, it’s mid-July and that can mean only one thing. Toeing The Rubber has this year’s installment of Jonathan Papelbon looking to close in the All-Star Game. Hmmm, one the one hand, we’ve got Pap throwing 30 pitches last night to retire three of the six batters he faced. On the other, Mo Rivera throws 11 pitches against a better Twins lineup in a perfect four-out save. You make the call. Speaking of heart attacks, A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory is not happy that camera mischief made Papelbon’s outing last night even more stressful than Pap was making it.

Amid perceived turmoil in the Sox rotation, Bostonist Sports Redux has Josh Beckett their shining constant. The Bottom Line says Beckett is locked in and should start the All-Star Game. Peter’s Red Sox Forever loves to see Beckett every fifth day. Unlike Heidi Watney, Surviving Grady likes his Beckett served unfriendly.

Around the everyday lineup, Mazz loves the consistency Jacoby Ellsbury is adding to the bottom third of the order. Hacks With Haggs has Jason Bay trying to shake his June swoon. And while Theo shops Julio Lugo to other suckers, Sox & Dawgs says you can catch our shortstop of the future in Lowell.

As for shortstops of the past, that warm reception for Nomar on Monday night? Touching All the Bases says you can thank Orlando Cabrera. Small White Ball is ready to forgive and forget and can’t understand any lingering hatred for Nomar. SoxSpace News never wanted the standing ovation to end. Eric Ortiz wonders if Manny could expect the same reception on his return to Fenway.


A little on the quiet side, as our bloggers are getting in some last-chance vacations. Wicked Good Sports has the changing of the guard at linebacker imminent. It Is What It Is has Junior Seau willing to go another round in New England. Blaug likes having Seau as a hedge against injuries. Pats Pulpit‘s list of five wish-list players include two linebackers, neither named McGinest or Seau.

Sammy Morris is Pats Chowder‘s AFC East breakout player of the year this season. And a Reissless Reiss’s Pieces brings us Matt Light in a pinch-hitting role.

Celtics / NBA

Celtics Stuff Live says the C’s are pushing all their chips into the middle of the table by giving Rasheed Wallace a mid-level exception offer. I *Heart* Celtics is sure Wallace will rack up minutes as a bench player, while Celtics Hub is uncomfortable with talk of Rasheed starting.

Fresh off the scent of Wallace, Gary Tanguay has been on Grant Hill’s trail, but it’s not looking as good. Green Street catches up with J.R. Giddens, who is looking at an important summer league in Orlando.

And finally, a couple of links too amusing to exclude simply because they don’t involve our C’s. Thanks For Playing likes Trevor Ariza’s attempt to link himself inexorably to LeBron James for life. The Dagger has Professor LeBron getting schooled on the hardwood by a student, but where’s the proof? Deadspin reports that Ron Artest has wanted to wear purple ever since he saw Kobe Bryant in the showers last year. I bet that’s one bar of soap Kobe held onto with both hands.

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