According to the Los Angeles Times Manny Ramirez will be suspended for 50 games following a positive test for performance enhancing drugs.

I shouldn’t be, but I’m speechless.

Mike Adams, Gerry Callahan, John Dennis. et al, have at it….

Will Carroll  has been keeping up with all of this all day through Twitter. It’s all pretty weird:

Yahoo! Sports – Source: Ramirez’s substance a sexual enhancer

ESPN – Sources: Ramirez used fertility drug


18 thoughts on “Manny Ramirez To Be Suspended For Postive Drug Test

  1. Another reason to be thankful he is gone….though he just torpedoed my fantasy baseball team…thanks Manny.


  2. It’s frustrating that this makes Mike Adams, Steve Silva and the bottom feeding rest of the bottom feeding media “right” about Manny.


    1. Yeah because who wants the media to look like they know what they are talking about 🙂


  3. On a somewhat unrelated note, did anyone see the Projo Sox Blog yesterday? They had excerpts from an interview with Scott Boras. I found this part to be particularly interesting:

    Playboy: Manny Ramirez made himself such a distraction for the Red Sox last year that they traded him to L.A., where he led the Dodgers to the playoffs. Why did he want out of Boston?

    Boras: Manny enjoyed his Red Sox teammates and loved the organization, but he did not enjoy living in Boston. It wore him out. He wasn’t comfortable. It wasn’t like Cleveland.

    Playboy: He wanted out because Boston isn’t like Cleveland?

    Boras: [Nodding] For Manny, environment is important. He had liked living in the Cleveland suburbs. I said, “Manny, I want you to play in L.A. They’ve got some really good young hitters, but they need a slugger, and Pasadena’s a lot like those Cleveland suburbs.” He had been to L.A. only three times in his life, but once we got him there he said, “This is the spot for me.”

    I really hope Boras is lying here – I had been skeptical of the claims that Boras encouraged Manny to act out, but now you’ve got to wonder.


    1. That’s hilarious.

      Who exactly was it that told Manny to buy a condo in the city when he moved here? In the middle of the Back Bay no less?

      He could have purchased a McMansion in a gated community 40 minutes away and just had a limo take him to and from the ballpark every day.

      What a weak excuse for acting like a jackass and trying to sabotage his teammate’s 2008 season.

      And Boras is pond scum. Pure, unequivocal pond scum.


  4. I think this is hilarious. The only thing that would make me happier would be Pedro’s name to pop up.


    1. John Dennis there.

      Don’t go all jumping ugly just yet. There are many interesting facets to this. Apparently, Manny didn’t fail a drug test and there are reports the drug was not a PED.

      Will Carroll, Alyssa Milano, and Scott Kazmir tweet each other. Weird times.


  5. “speechless”…..really?….in this day and age no name would shock me….and that includes guys like Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, Cal Ripkin, etc..etc. … right or wrong it was/is the steroid era…That’s why when it comes to roids I say, WHO CARES?………PLAY BALL!


  6. Bruce, no one should ever be stunned that someone has taken steroids in MLB or any sport for that matter. Felger made a great point today. He said Red Sox fans should not get all bent out of shape when people say Red Sox players took steroids. The playing field was even. The Red Sox steroid users were just better than the other teams steroid users. By the way the banned substance found was in a woman’s fertility drug which do what? mask steroids.


  7. One more thing, when is someone going to finally call out Peter Gammon’s? Here is a guy who said Sammy Sosa is a first ballot hall of famer and was outraged when Doug Gotlieb believed that he did. He then ripped George Mitchell when he put Saint Brian Roberts in the report. He and Buster Olney were screaming like teenage girls who had their boyfriends taken away by the popular girls. He said I know his family and he would never do this. One week later, Brian Roberts confessed. And no the first thing he says is, “It’s not steroids.” What a hack.


      1. I’m with you man.

        Gammons, to me, has always been overrated–incredibly overrated.

        He may have been “innovative” in his baseball coverage back in the 70s, which is what everyone says about him. But in the last 20 years, especially since he’s been more TV guy than “reporter”, he’s just been a sellout for his buddies in the game (he’s really become like Will McDonough in his later years–protect his friends who give him access, at all costs).


  8. I agree with mandb97. Gammons needs to be called out. He fancies himself as a gatekeeper of baseball. He hates to see his sport dragged through the mud, and he will do or say anything to protect baseball integrity as well as his the players. That’s why the players love Gammons, they know he is on their side and they can tell him anything and he’ll believe it. His confessional interview with A-Rod was a perfect example of this. Gammons even drank the Scott Boras Kool-Aid today regarding Manny’s positive steroid test.


  9. now that Manny has half the season off he can go home to his private island and wallow while he sips iced tea and works on his tan


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