With a full broadcast schedule last night, the one thing I didn’t want my TV telling me was that the channel would be changed. It seemed the DVR was full-up, but not for the same reason that Brian Scalabrine‘s was. My wife was recording American Idol and I was doing the same with Lost. One would have to go if we wanted the HDTV for the games. Well, neither spouse would budge, so the boys and I were forced to retreat to the grainy upstairs TV for a crucial hour of B’s and C’s action.

We joined the B’s already up a goal, then cut over to watch the C’s build a 10-point first quarter lead. I was still bemoaning Paul Pierce’s three dumb fouls as we caught a Carolina score. Tie game, right? No, down 2-1! Back to TNT, where the C’s were in total control, but it was just too fun to leave. So . . . we missed the B’s equalizer. It was then that I laid down some law, figuring close-and-late trumps a 25-point blowout, even in our hockey non grata family. The kids were ripped until the HDTV freed up for OT. They stayed with the C’s, I with the B’s. That’s the thing about Boston sports; somebody always wins.

So, we’ll start with the night’s only winners.


It was a case of cutting off one head of the beast and watching two grow in its place for the Orlando Magic, as Captain Pierce was held to a quadruple-single while Rajon Rondo posted a triple-double and Eddie House kicked in 31 to get the C’s back into their Eastern semi series. 17 Banners for one is thankful Pierce got some rest, being in foul trouble all night.

In The Paint has Rondo tiring of Dwight Howard and throwing one down in Superman’s face. Thanks For Playing thinks Van Gundy vs. Howard is the key matchup that could spell doom for the Magic. Loy’s Place has Magic fans getting greedy in their Comments From The Other Side. Ball Don’t Lie questions Rafer Alston’s mental state after man-slapping Eddie House. Celtics Blog has Alston saying he was provoked.

Celtics 17 doesn’t want any part of the conjecture to start Scals over Big Baby. Red’s Army thinks the C’s should embrace their new image as villains, but the Yankees of the NBA? Low blow. And Celtics Stuff Live looks back on the Bulls series, which falls short against their criteria for Best Series Ever.


Seems like there’s always something in the middle of the B’s road to the Cup: Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy. But against the Hurricanes, whom they now trail 2-1 after last night’s OT loss, Big Bad Blog says the Bruins have been their own worst enemy. The Bear Cave has a breakdown in discipline in the normally well-disciplined B’s spelling bad results, while Stanley Cup of Chowder says carelessness and untimely penalties did the B’s in last night. Bruins Blog has justice prevailing with Jossi Jokinen’s game-winner.

NESN’s Boston Bruins says Andrew Ference could be missing yet more time as he didn’t come out for the third period last night. Canes Country has Eric Staal wearing down Zdeno Chara.

Kathryn Tappen contends that the Tarheel State isn’t just for basketball any more. And Another Thing . . . you can’t even watch basketball down there during this time of year.

Red Sox

It’s been another good week for the Sox, as they took two from the Yankees and got under their thinning skin. NESN’s Boston Red Sox blog has pitching coach John Farrell silent on when retaliation will come for Tuesday night’s latest Joba balling incident. Toeing The Rubber says Joba The Punk can’t handle being handled by Jason Bay. 3:10 To Joba was pretty quiet on their hero’s performance, although they seem fixated on his family tree.

Caught Off The Wall says the Yankees are taking a chance by accusing the Sox of stealing signals. LoHud has the Yankees melting down over the strike zone. Among the many reasons Bay is helping us to forget Manny, Sox Vs. Stripes has him taking over Ramirez’s role as Yankee Killer as well. Then, too, as Baseball Prospectus reports, there are those 50 games he’ll be playing that Manny won’t. Looks like Frank McCourt got himself a real steal with that contract.

Surviving Grady thinks this may be the best year yet to watch the Bombers, and Big League Stew would agree. Not so for Subway Squawker Lisa, who sold her ticket and sold out on her team Tuesday night. Justin Masterson was impressed with his first visit to new Yankee Stadium.

One If By Land has the Sox mitigating the injury bug since they don’t pinch-hit or sub on defense anyway. Touching All The Bases asks if David Ortiz has slipped off the same slope that claimed the careers of Jim Rice and George Scott in so short a period. Full Count reports a Jed Lowrie sighting . . . and the source of his injury, which goes back longer than even mom can remember.

And as you might guess, the news on Jerry Remy has brought an outpouting of support around the blogging community. The Mighty Quinn‘s thoughts and prayers are with RemDawg, while Sox & Dawgs wishes him a speedy recovery. Red Sox Monster has Remy’s loss making everyone forget about the ugly one on the field last night. Don Orsillo will put his experience in adapting to new partners – including Eck – to the test in Remy’s absence. Scott’s Shots offers well wishes for Rem but says Eck is a brutal fill-in.

We’re going to close with some thoughts from Jerry himself, as shared with Sawxheads.

From all of us on Boston Sports Media Watch, the best recovery to you, Jerry. Go Sawx!


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  1. Enough with the people complaining about how they aren’t able to watch stuff in HD. I don’t have an HDTV or DVR’s or anything like that and I manage just fine. People talk about watching analog like they are being waterboarded. Save it.


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