Last summer, my wife and I built a house out in the country. We’re so far out there that Comcast cable isn’t an option for us, so we had to go with Satellite TV. After comparing and going back and forth, we settled with DISH Network over DirecTV, mostly because of equipment and pricing. Before signing up, I made sure that DISH had NESN and Comcast SportsNet in HD, because obviously if they didn’t offer those channels, it would’ve been a dealbreaker.

So we got it installed, and come to find out, NESN is only in HD for the actual Red Sox and Bruins telecasts, and some of the pre and post-game shows. All the other programming is shown in standard def. I’ve dealt with this, mostly because obviously the most important thing is getting the actual games in HD.

Then the Celtics season started, and it turns out that only the Celtics home games are in HD. The road games and all other programming on CSN is in standard def. Not cool. Still, I dealt with it, mostly because I didn’t have a choice. I commited to a two year contract to get a free HD-DVR. I guess I could break the contract, but I’m too cheap to pay the penalty for doing so.

However, after last night, it might be an option. Last night’s game was shown on both CSN and TNT. However, only the TNT broadcast was in HD. I guess their reasoning is that they don’t want to waste bandwidth by showing the same game on two HD channels, but it still stinks. I obviously had to watch the game on TNT, but I did switch over a few times to CSN to see if Tommy was ranting about particular calls during the game, but overall, I’ve got to say I’m very disappointed with the NESN and CSN offerings from DISH Network.

In an unrelated note, this could have an impact on CSN’s ratings for the games. I think the same situation happened on Saturday, where only the ESPN game was in HD. This would result in at least a small amount of viewers being taken away from CSN, and over to the other network, which is offering the game in HD.

End of rant.


15 thoughts on “Quick DISH Network Rant

  1. If you Comcast, I guarantee at the very minimum they had the CSN HD feed on b/c it’s the same company.


  2. Get Direct TV. Everything is in High Def and you can get every NFL game. It is slightly more expensive but it is worth it. Fair warining though…their customer sevice sucks and their installers are mostly fools. It took three guys to install my dish. One didn’t know how to open his own ladder.


  3. Sorry about your choice, Bruce. The 1 reason to go with Direct TV is because of the NFL football package (at an additional cost). I get every NFL game every week and have since it became available. I am no longer held hostage to the whims of the network football programming gurus.

    I also have the baseball package and both packages have a channel where 8 games are broadcast simultaneously.

    I can hear the Big O shouting : “Eight.”

    The truth of the matter is you usually get what you pay for. If you think you’ll live at least another few years, swallow the dollars and get Direct TV.


    1. I’ve actually been very pleased with everything else about DISH other than this item. They’ve got all the other HD I want, great HD multi-room DVR’s which I can control over the internet, it’s just been this NESN/CSN thing which has me scratching my head.


  4. Hate to join the chorus… but, DirecTV is the way to go. I have been a customer for 7 yrs and they do a great job. And as far as price goes… my wife called last month to let them know we were thinking about switching to Comcast and they rolled over and dropped my bill by $48!! Sooo… call them and drive a hard bargain and they will get it done for you.

    And no, I don’t work for them! ha!


  5. At least you got the games. It seems that the ‘NESN Plus’ channel (81 on Comcast NH) is only available if you have a cable box. If you haven’t yet opted for digital cable, and don’t have a box because your TV is cable-ready, you miss either Red Sox or Bruins. At least there’s radio.


  6. HD programming isn’t 100% standard yet. Just be patient and it will be more widely available, much like Blu Ray will be.


  7. DishTV and RCN are both lame and a waste of money compared to DirecTV and Comcast. DirecTV employs terrible worst customer service, but deploys superior programming.


  8. Luckily for me… if you can call it that… I don’t have an HD tv, so even though I have Dish Network, it’s not a big deal. But I can see what you mean though, if I had the option of HD, and I wasn’t getting it when I wanted it, I would be mad about it too


    1. Like I said, I’ve been happy with everything about them except this episode.

      As a bonus they have NFL Network – something Comcast won’t have in a couple weeks…


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