With yesterday being Patriots Day and all, Jack Edwards decided to compare the Bruins to “rag tag farmers” fighting off the “red coated” Canadiens last night:

It’s generating a little buzz around the intertubes.


26 thoughts on “Jack Edwards Gets Attention for “Red Coats” Rant

  1. Hell, I was just sitting alone in my living room listening to him deliver that and I was blushing for him. Not good, at all.

  2. ….I think Edwards is a little waco……but I actually like his call, you never know what the hell he’s going to say…..he’s no Fred Cusick, but thank God almighty he’s not Dale Arnold either

  3. That was an ace and the game for Edwards. It is now Mr. Grande’s serve at the U.S. Open Mouth at Longwood, a virtual tennis match of verbosity.

  4. wtf is wrong with him. he had a similar diatribe last year when they LOST game 7

    somebody please tell Jack the Bruins are the 1 seed and Montreal is the 8

  5. What a jackass. Bruins fans and their employees are so full of themselves right now. Maybe make some significant progress in the playoffs first, let alone close out the series, before making grand sweeping allegories. Jeremy Jacobs still laughs at you everytime you buy a ticket or a $120 sweater.

  6. Edwards has his own infomercial now, for CherryPharm…a red liquid made in a laboratory in beakers and test tubes. He looks and sounds as stupid in that as he often does on a Bruins telecast. This is the problem with sports media hacks, when their voices race ahead of their brain cells.

  7. …like I said, the guy is a little wacked, he’s a goof….I find it humorous, not as humorous as Derek Sanderson was but close…..if the Bruins sweep, he’s really gonna freak. I can’t wait.

  8. He’s still miles ahead of ass-clown and first class phony Dayall Arnold (the only guy so self-important he can make his first name sound like a two syllable word).

  9. Any links as to where this “buzz” is or do we have to find it ourselves? Very Herald-like without providing any further info.

      1. Thin skin much?

        No. Herald-like in that you just threw something out there without any additional info.

        Pretty familiar with Google. I guess I was wrong for expecting a link or two to validate the headline, given that one of the main reasons to come to your site is the links you (usually) provide. Shame on me.

        But now that you seem to be the crank that I heard you were, I’m all set with your site.

        1. Please.

          You come in here, make a snide insinuation and when you get challenged on it, you call me a crank and run away.

          See ya, troll.

  10. What’s wrong with displaying some knowledge of history and forming an analogy?

    Edwards is priceless, and not in a pejorative sense. He makes watching any game worth our while.

    1. Not a fan of the Bruins organization but I agree with you. Edwards makes the games fun to watch. I just don’t get all this moral outrage over some innocuous comment. But I guess a break from another bout from The Miserables in the Morning (WEEI) is due.

  11. The call was a over the top. End of story.

    If the Bruins are to be taken seriously from a broadcasting standpoint, Jack needs to drop the clownish aspect of his game. I hate to say it, but if the Bruins finished four games over or under .500 and were simply treading water (read: no one was watching), then very few people would care. But this team looks like it could be poised to be solid contenders for the next 3-4 years and Jack is going to be the voice on all those highlights.

    I had a similar problem with Grande-Max on the Celtics. When they were God-effing-awful, PLUS no one could hear them, it didn’t matter that Grande was over the top and Max was a clown. If the Celts are supposed to be the class of the league, then their broadcasters cannot sound like a couple of college freshmen. That’s why I have such a problem with Max and his quacking and getting the ball. The C’s are world champs and this is your color guy?

    Bottom line: Jack, if the Bruins are poised to be the class of the Eastern Conference, it’s time to bring more class than clown to the booth.

  12. Jack Edwards is by all accounts a very good guy. However, in this particluar case he committed one of the very worst of broadcasting transgressions: He made himself bigger than the event.

    Keith Jackson is, in my judgment, the finest play by play man is sports broadcasting history, and I never once heard him commit this type of error.

    Andy Brickley? As good a color man as there is in any sport. I cannot say enough about all the good things he brings to a telecast. Absolutely sensational.

  13. Talk about being conflicted on this one. Edwards actually calls a VERY good game from a strictly PBP perspective that I enjoy a lot more than Uncle Dale. I can even endure all the half-wall, D-to-D, and saucer pass quips.

    The “problem” is that he flies extremely close to the azz-clown flame from time-to-time, as evidenced by his history lesson the other night. Just dial it back a few notches, Jack. There’s no need to head down the Grande-Max path. Now, THAT’S unlistenable.

  14. I don’t think he’s bad overall but moments like that one the other night make me wince. Granted, older fans like myself got spoiled with Fred Cusick and Bob Wilson, both who are now in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

  15. When I heard Edwards begin the “redcoats” rant, I think I put on the exact same face Brad Pitt had when he realized that Gwyneth Paltrow’s head was in the box at the end of “Seven”. I was at first confused, then horrified, and was wishing I was somewhere else (I did not, however, shoot my TV).

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