Comcast SportsNet announced their new weekend simulcast with WEEI last week, and the radio station finally got around to announcing their end this week. They also announce that Mike Mutnansky and Rob Bradford will be on Sunday mornings, and no longer called the show, but instead “Red Sox Baseball Today.”

The WEEI Sports Radio Network today announced the addition of three programs to its line-up with an increased focus on Red Sox related programming.

Beginning on May 2, WEEI and Comcast SportsNet will partner on a new program called “The Baseball Show,” to be hosted by Michael Felger, host of CSN’s Sports Tonight and regular contributor to the WEEI Sports Radio Network. ‘EEI regulars Lou Merloni, Sean McAdam, and Steve Buckley will play major roles on this program. “The Baseball Show” will provide the most comprehensive analysis of the Red Sox each week using the full resources of both WEEI and Comcast SportsNet, in addition to featuring live calls from Red Sox fans across the region. The show will air from 9 AM until noon each Saturday during the season.

On Sunday morning, WEEI is pleased to announce that Mike Mutnansky and editor Rob Bradford, will host a new version of “Red Sox Baseball Today.” The four-hour broadcast will air Sunday mornings from 9 AM to 1 PM leading directly into Red Sox baseball. Preceding home games, the show will air from WEEI’s Landsdowne Street studios. For road games, Mutansky and Bradford will be at the station in Brighton. “Red Sox Baseball Today” will cater directly to Red Sox fans throughout New England, and will contain a mix of calls and pre-game sound from the park to get fans ready for each game.

Additionally, WEEI will launch Red Sox Rewind, airing immediately after each Red Sox broadcast with John Ryder. The one hour show will feature post game analysis, including sound from the locker room and call-ins from the park from the team.

“The WEEI Sports Radio Network is committed to providing the best coverage of the Sox and with the addition of our simulcast with Comcast and the continued tradition of Red Sox Baseball Today, we will do just that,” said Entercom New England Vice President of AM Programming Jason Wolfe. “I’m especially pleased that we’re able to have Rob’s consistent presence as part of our baseball coverage this season. He provides incredible content to and will be an outstanding contributor to our overall package. ”


21 thoughts on “WEEI Announces Weekend Lineups

  1. The best part of this announcement is John Ryder’s hosting Red Sox postgame.

    Ryder is very caller-friendly, respectful of others’ opinions and easy to listen to.

    John Risch was flat-out hostile…an entirely unlistenable individual.

    Now, if only they’d replace Castiglione…

    1. John Risch was flat-out hostile…an entirely unlistenable individual.

      He gave idiot callers their due. On the Big Show idiot callers are featured.

      1. The infamous ‘John from Medford’ seemed to call the postgame nearly every other day with the same inane questions. Give Rish some credit, I’m actually amazed he didn’t get fired for responding with a few expletives at the guy.

        I don’t normally like picking on individual callers, but some of these folks are such a sorry bunch that they would test the patience of even the friendliest phone reps at LL Bean.

        I am curious why EEI decided to swap Ryder for Rish on the postgame when Rish is still doing pregame and some Wednesday PxP. The cynic in me is convinced that Ryder being a litte more tolerant of buffoons is not a valid reason.

      2. Funniest thing…Rish is apparently still hosting ‘Sox Talk’ during rain delays and guess who called to pester him tonight?

        Even funnier is that either Rish’s producer intentionally listed the caller’s name on the screen as ‘John from Massachusetts’ or Mr. Medford gave his name as ‘John from MA’ to increase his odds of Rish talking to him.

        1. He just had a great line. The caller asked “Do you know what I mean?” Rish responded “No, I don’t. I’m trying really hard to, but I don’t know what you mean.” The caller was dropped.

  2. too much, “Sox coverage” for me…..I enjoy watching the games, I don’t enjoy listening to a bunch of know-it-all blowhards disect everything about 162 freeking games…

      1. exactly…I can’t even stand the post game show on NESN. How long is it?…like 2 hours?….It’s Baseball people, game over- move on to the next game.

        1. AOB, I guarantee if WB Mason and Granite City Electric weren’t ponying up the dough-re-mi the NESN postgame show would be approximately thirty seconds long.

  3. Why do we have to have so much face time with FELGER. Isn’t there anybody else in this town that could host a show

    1. Nope. Near as I can tell, Obama bashing, Springsteen, OSU’s recruiting, the left fielder for the LA Dodgers, Pete Sheppard’s dogs, and giving the Man on the Way Up a forum are way more important than the defending NBA Champions and the NHL’s top Eastern Conference seed. And God forbid you discuss college sports… *shudder*

  4. “The WEEI Sports Radio Network is committed to providing the best coverage of the Sox and with the addition of our simulcast with Comcast and the continued tradition of Red Sox Baseball Today, we will do just that,” said Entercom New England Vice President of AM Programming Jason Wolfe

    “best coverage” – With Michael Felger part of the lineup that’s a flat out lie.

  5. Felger would not be my choice for the baseball show but when all he needs to do is be better than Mike Adams has been the last few years the bar isn’t set too high for him.

    1. And you just answered your own question, Marc.

      However, I could envision a scenario someday that if Merloni continues to progress as a broadcaster he could eventually become a host-type that asks questions as opposed to strictly an analyst who answers them.

      You may not like Felger, but at the very least he’ll ask provocative questions and keep the show moving.

  6. Greg Dickerson was pretty good on WEEI on the weekends way back when. Does Mike Adams still do his WEEI show during the Sox games on WRKO?

    1. I think Dickerson is happy enough as a Celtics sideline guy and getting well-compensated enough by CSN that he is able to put EEI in his rearview mirror.

      To answer your Adams question, he does host his show opposite Sox games because I think there may still be some affiliates of the EEI network that can’t broadcast the Sox because another station in that specific area owns the rights.

      My question is what happens when the Celtics playoff games conflict with Sox games? Which game do the network stations in Bangor, Springfield or Providence choose to broadcast?

  7. Funny, I was recently lamenting the fact that NESN no longer took phone calls on the post-game show or during rain delays. It was a regular feature back when Bob Rodgers had the anchor duties. Seems to be something that works quite well (See C-SPAN.)

    Don’t at all like the e-mail segment they do now, wish they took phone calls. I think this ‘EEI-Comcast marriage will be very successful.

  8. Stop listening to WEEI. You people sound so sadomasochistic, complaining about these “celeb” callers and 3rd rate radio hosts. Just get satellite or turn off your radio.

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