Sports Media Watch reports that the Bulls/Celtics game on Saturday was the only NBA playoff game that showed a ratings increase for ESPN over the same time slot a year ago:

The first game of the NBA Playoffs, the Bulls’ Game 1 overtime victory over the Celtics, drew a 2.5 overnight rating on ESPN Saturday afternoon, up 19% over a 2.1 for Wizards/Cavaliers Game 1 in the same timeslot last year, and up 79% from a 1.4 for Nets/Raptors Game 1 in ’07.

Bulls/Celtics was the only NBA Playoff game on Saturday to see increased ratings.

Keep in mind that this is just the national ESPN ratings. This is not the local Comcast SportsNet rating.


3 thoughts on “Bulls/Celtics Only Winner for ESPN

  1. This rating split shows that many people, like me, are tired of Tommy’s constant rants against the refs and having grunts, groans and way-to-go’s being passed off as analysis. We will look for any alternative. At one point, Tommy was the best but I hope he takes the queue from Madden and retires.


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