For last Thursday night’s Bruins/Canadiens game one, NESN scored a 9.4 rating.

The post below this one outlines the national numbers ESPN got for Celtics/Bulls, but locally, Saturday’s Celtics/Bulls game one scored a 9.5 rating, which was split between CSN (4.8) and ESPN (4.7)

It is striking how similar the ratings were, despite a number of factors – the difference in the dates/times of the games, the networks involved, and the “buzz”  for each team heading into their playoff series. The Bruins had a positive vibe, while the Celtics enter the playoffs reeling from the news that Kevin Garnett will likely not play in the postseason, and Danny Ainge suffering a heart attack.

It’s unfortunate for CSN that ESPN split the ratings. It’s probably safe to assume that those who watched the game on ESPN would’ve also watched it on CSN, which would’ve given them the entire 9.5 number.

I’ll be interested to find out how the numbers work tonight. The Celtics game is again split, this time between CSN and TNT. The Bruins again have NESN all to themselves.