You might’ve seen the ads for this already. I’ve seen them the last two nights. Comcast SportsNet is planning a new Saturday morning baseball show set to debut May 2nd. They’re also planning a second show, which will air on Sunday nights, prior to WBZ’s Sports Final and WHDH’s Sports Xtra.

The Baseball Show (Yes, that’s its name.) will be hosted by Michael Felger, and will have as co-hosts Lou Merloni, Sean McAdam and Steve Buckley.

The big news with this show is that it will be a simulcast with WEEI.

The Baseball Show will run each Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon and feature host Michael Felger, CSN exclusive baseball analyst Lou Merloni, and veteran Boston Herald baseball scribes Steve Buckley and Sean McAdam. The Baseball Show will take on the issues other networks only gloss over, feature live calls to let Red Sox fans sound off and include player interviews as Felger, Merloni, McAdam and Buckley examine the highs and the lows of each week of the baseball season.

The Baseball Show will be the very first TV/radio simulcast in the Boston area. Originating from Comcast SportsNet’s studios in Burlington, MA, The Baseball Show will reach 4.4 million homes across New England and millions of WEEI radio listeners in Boston and other major New England markets, including Cape Cod, Worcester, Providence, Hartford, and Portland. Fans can also listen to the shows online at and

“We’ve had great success with our Sunday morning baseball programming with Sean McAdam and Steve Buckley. It is one of the most popular shows we air all year long. Adding Michael Felger and Lou Merloni to the mix will create an outstanding quartet of knowledge and credibility that will surely be a must listen for WEEI’s listeners and a must watch for Comcast SportsNet’s viewers,” said Jason Wolfe, Entercom Boston vice president of programming and operations.

In addition to The Baseball Show, CSN is also announcing a second new weekend show:

The one-hour Sports Sunday will air Sunday nights at 10 p.m., an hour and a half or more ahead of the traditional weekend broadcast sports wrap-up shows. Sports Sunday will feature the ever-vocal Felger who is never afraid to break from the pack with his opinions. Sports Sunday will preview the week’s top news and feature interviews with the region’s top athletes, writers and personalities.

”There’s no need to wait until 11:30 or later on Sunday night,” Felger said. “Sports Sunday will go beyond the sound bites and photo ops to see what’s pushing the buttons of New England sports fans. We intend to push a few of our own particularly on the issues that few others will address.”

Each show will also have additional airings: The Baseball Show will replay from 12 to 3 p.m. on Saturdays. Sports Sunday will replay at 11 p.m. on Sundays and Monday mornings at 7 and 8 a.m.

A WEEI simulcast with TV has been talked about for years. Testing it out on this weekend show could lead to further experiments with the programming lineup.

As for the Sunday night show…It will be interesting to see if it can succeed. I can’t remember the last time I watched either Sports Final or Sports Xtra. The “ever-vocal Felger?” I’m not sure I need my buttons pushed any further as a sports fan.


13 thoughts on “CSN Plans Saturday Morning Baseball Show, Joins Sunday Night Lineup

  1. Felger won’t sugarcoat the story. He’ll keep it real and you’ll have to deal with it. Because he’s in your face, fast-paced, and hard-hitting. WOOOOOOOO!


  2. Felger a credible and knowledgable baseball analyst? He all but admists he hasn’t a clue about the game. Just ask Gammons


  3. Felger is superb…he tells it like it is in the old-school style that once made sports radio great. He’s beholden to no team or player, unlike most of his bought-and-paid-for colleagues.

    He is knowledgeable across the sports board, with the exception of pro basketball. His baseball knowledge has grown tremendously since he started the Sunday morning assingment on sports radio. He knows as much football as anyone in the region, and he’s a passionate hockey fan whose knowledge is very, very deep.

    Bruce, will Felger still be doing that Sunday morning sports radio show? It seems unlikely.


    1. Ha! Felger’s beholden to his lack of intelligence. But hey if he emphasizes certain words with enough force then that’s insight and telling it like it almost actually is, right?

      Yep, it’s great to hear him constantly tell people he’s not a Belichick lackey which proves he “knows as much football as anyone in the region.”


  4. no thanks…..The MLB Network has an excellent show that keeps you up to date with all things baseball. I actually like to hear about some of the other 29 teams in the league now and then……This thing just sounds like more OVER-ANALYSIS of the Red Sox. Good grief don’t they do enough of that on EEI??….and with the annoying Felger?….once again, no thank you.


  5. Hopefully with a 3-hour show I would think CSN/WEEI would spend some time talking about other happenings in MLB, although admittedly the Sox will be the primary topic.

    I also assume this means that the Mutnansky/Bradford show currently on EEI Saturdays will move to Sunday mornings to fill the void left by not bringing back the previous baseball show with Adams/McAdam/Buckley.


  6. The Sunday morning baseball program used to be the best thing WEEI did until they ruined it with Mike Adams.

    Felger wouldn’t be my first choice but he is an enormous upgrade over Mikey.


  7. This is nothing more than a bunch of sports media hacks desperately trying to ‘recession-proof’ themselves. I can’t think of anything that would send me AWAY from that show than witnessing three inepts drown out the lone person who actually PLAYED the sport professionally (Merloni). I put this show on a par with the other weekend offerings: ShamWow(!), vacuum cleaners, Ginsu knives, and real-estate shows.


    1. So you prefer Merloni to McAdam? Playing the game doesn’t make your thoughts on it any more interesting or meaningful.


  8. Why didn’t they simulcast the Sunday Baseball Show? I think the Weekend Show with Mut and Bradford is great. Doesn’t Felger do the Sunday show anyways? Bring back Greg Dickerson!


  9. Leave it to WEEI to take one of the best shows they had and screw it up. There was a chemistry with the old show that worked very well on Sunday mornings. Especially when both Buck and Sean joined Mikey. Dork management strikes again and leaves me with one less program to listen to.


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