NBC Football Analyst John Madden is calling it quits. The retirement is immediate, with no farewell tour for the Madden Crusier.

NBC issued the following statement from Madden:

It’s time. I’m 73 years old. My 50th wedding anniversary is this fall. I have two great sons and their families and my five grandchildren are at an age now when they know when I’m home and, more importantly, when I’m not…

It’s been such a great ride… the NFL has been my life for more than 40 years, it has been my passion – it still is. I appreciate all of the people who are and were such an important part of the most enjoyable, most fun anyone could have… that great life with the teams, the players, the coaches, the owners, the League… my broadcasting partners Pat and Al… the production people and the fans…is still great… it’s still fun and that’s what it makes it hard and that’s why it took me a few months to make a decision.

I still love every part of it – the travel, the practices, the game film, the games, seeing old friends and meeting new people… but I know this is the right time.

NBC hasn’t named his replacement for the Sunday Night Football telecasts alongside Al Michaels, but Cris Collinsworth seems to make the most sense.

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8 thoughts on “John Madden Calls It a Career

  1. WOOHOO!

    Now only if Dale Arnold, Joe Buck, Time McCarver, Joe Morgan, and Tony Kornheiser would follow suit.


  2. ….”I don’t like what the Patriots are doing here….I think they should play for overtime. I really don’t like what the Patriots are doing here”

    that is the only memory of Madden that will stick with me…….still miss Pat Summerall though, great play by play voice. It’s all about the voice with a play by play guy, which makes me wonder, how did Dale arnold ever get a job……


  3. how did Dale arnold ever get a job……

    I think the term is “company man.” Never was heard a discouraging word from The Great White Dhale.


  4. You know… personally… I didn’t mind John Madden, I thought he was quite enjoyable to listen to. I know… not alot of people feel that way, but I never thought madden was that bad.


    1. I never thought Madden was “bad” I just never thought he was that “good” either……he was just “there”…to tell ya the truth, I really don’t listen to these guys, it’s like background noise to me….John Madden….Beasley Reece….what’s the difference?


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