After 500 votes, the Ron Borges draft column from 2001 is the leader in the clubhouse for worst Boston sports column in recent memory.

Borges’ mocking the Patriots drafting of Richard Seymour and Matt Light over such NFL luminaries such as Koren Robinson and Robert Ferguson currently has 29% of the vote.

Three other columns are in a hotly contested race for second place:

Bob Halloran’s attack on the coach of an autistic child.

Dan Shaughnessy’s “I created the Curse, I say when it is over” column from October 2004. 

Gerry Callahan’s “Manny hates kids with cancer” column from last summer.

Each entry has about 10% of the vote at the moment.

As for the AX MEN giveaway from the original post, I am awaiting receipt of the prize from the marketing company, as soon as I receive it, I will notify the winner and post it here.


3 thoughts on “Update on Worst Boston Sports Column Voting

  1. I still think Borges’s column the day after the snow game was worse. It was actually quite funny, in that he was claiming the refs got the call wrong but it ran right next to a story with a graphic proving the call was made correctly under the rulebook.


    1. And he also quoted BEN DREITH in the article, with Ben’s opinions on how bad the call by Walt Coleman was….as if Ben Dreith should EVER be consulted about how another official cost a team a playoff win!!!


  2. Shouldn’t Bob Halloran be teaching a college course on accurate research and writing? OK, maybe not.


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