You might recall that last spring, when the Bruins were playing Montreal in the playoffs and the Red Sox were in the early part of their schedule, that when the times for games of the two teams conflicted, only one game was shown in HD. This didn’t make fans of either team happy, as when the Bruins game was shown in HD, Red Sox nation balked at having to watch the Sox in standard def, and vice versa.

With the Bruins hopefully gearing up for a longer playoff run this spring, NESN has addressed the HD issue, and issued the following release this morning:

NESN Programming Note – NESNplus HD

On April 12th, NESN will, for the first time, deliver simultaneous high definition (HD) coverage of the Red Sox and Bruins when both teams play at the same time. The Red Sox (3:30 PM) and Bruins (5:00 PM) are both scheduled to play late afternoon regular season games on April 12th and NESN will deliver coverage of both games in both standard and high definition with the Red Sox – Angels game available on NESN and NESNHD and the Bruins – Islanders game available on NESNplus and NESNplus HD channels. 

NESNplus and NESNplus HD are a compilation of channels that distributors provide NESN to carry simultaneous coverage of Red Sox and Bruins games. 

In most Comcast communities, the Bruins – Islanders game NESNplus feed will be on channel 81 and the NESNplus HD feed on channel 817. A complete list of NESNplus and NESNplus HD channels can be found at 

When the Bruins playoff broadcast schedule is announced, will provide updates on a game-by-game basis regarding which game will be available on NESNplus and NESNplus HD channels and on which channels fans can find the game through their local provider.

The link in the release shows that most New England  TV providers, including Comcast, Cox, Charter, DirecTV and most of Time Warner Cable will show both NESN and NESNplus programming.

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    1. If you click the link in the release you’ll see that RCN is also on-board with showing both games in HD. Channels 8 and 600.


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