Entercom New England and Qantum Communications today announced that WEEI Sports Radio will be syndicated on 96.3 FM on Cape Cod starting this spring. The station, currently WRZE “The Rose”, will become WEII and will carry WEEI’s sports talk programming on a full-time basis beginning on or about April 1, 2009.

Here is the updated WEEI Sports Radio Network station list:

WEEI Affiliate Location

WEEI-850 AM Boston

WEEI-103.7 FM Providence

WVEI-105.5 FM Springfield

WVEI-1440 AM Worcester

WTEI-95.5 / WPEI 95.9 FM Portland

WAEI-910 AM / 97.1 FM Bangor

WEEY-93.5 FM Keene

WEII-96.3 FM Cape Cod


8 thoughts on “WEEI Expands To the Cape

  1. Any word on which low rent AM station is going to broadcast nothing but maniacal laughter filled with self-importance and the delusion of gradeur?


    1. I think in the Boston area it’s 1430…they’re playing nothing but Ernie Boch and his Automatics band 24/7 for the next month.

      BTW I thought the EEI network had a station in the Nashua, NH area.


    1. I’m willing to take up a collection so they could move their whole operation to Portsmouth, NH. If you think what you hear now is bad, you should hear what comes out of my radio when I tune to WEEI. And I’m two and a half miles from the New Balance building… The other night I tuned in and because the full moon went away Mike Adams tuned back into a noodle brained jackazz. I don’t know what he meant by this but I heard him say something along the lines of, “You get them on the edge of a cliff, that way they really push back on you. Here, smell my sweater.” I don’t know what that means…


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