It was Glen Wesley night in Raleigh, as the Hurricanes honored the former Carolina (and Bruins) defenseman for his many years of on-ice service to the organization. The Bruins then went out beat the ‘Canes, 5-1 behind three goals late in the third period, including one from Patrice Bergeron, who is finally showing some signs of life out on the ice.

Kevin Paul Dupont has the details. Steve Conroy has the Bruins bouncing back to pick up their 40th win of the season. Joe Haggerty has the Bruins picking up the late momentum for the win.

Mick Colageo has a look at Wesley’s time in Boston, as well as what the Bruins ending up getting for him when he left.

Dupont’s notebook looks at the ceremony for Wesley, of which the Bruins were a big part. Conroy’s notebook has more on Bergeron finally breaking through.

Red Sox

Maureen Mullen has Jon Lester ready to step up his game even more this season. Joe McDonald has more on Lester looking to expand his role this year.  Steve Buckley says that Mike Lowell should know that baseball is a business, and shouldn’t be disappointed in the Red Sox for going after Mark Teixeira. Amalie Benjamin has David Ortiz hoping that the Red Sox have enough pop in their lineup this season. Rob Bradford examines how Dustin Pedroia stayed motivated this offseason.

Sean McAdam says that it is likely that Julio Lugo is going to be your starting shortstop to open the season. Alex Speier has more on the shortstop competition. McDonald has the Sox holding Rocco Baldelli out of the shuttle run yesterday. Buckley also has Lowell aiming to be ready for the start of season in April. McAdam has Takashi Saito seeking permission from Manny Ramirez before taking #24 from the Red Sox. McDonald has a quick bit on Mark Kotsay and his back surgery.

John Molori examines how the Boston media treated Manny Ramirez during his time with the Red Sox.

McAdam’s notebook has a report on Mark Kotsay’s back surgery. Benjamin’s notebook has more on Kotsay. Speier’s notebook has a look at the conditioning drills yesterday.


Nick Cafardo and Dan Shaughnessy look at A-Rod’s confession from yesterday. Dan Lamothe picks apart A-Rod’s statement. Ron Borges examines the difference in how steroid use is viewed in baseball and in football.

I’m curious though, what Borges means by this statement:

Football is different from baseball and these days no one is happier about that than guys like Larry Izzo, Rodney Harrison and Tom Brady.

(Emphasis mine) We know what the Izzo and Harrison references are for, but is he implying that he has knowledge that Tom Brady has taken steroids or HGH (perhaps during his recovery)? If so, that’s a pretty casual way to drop something that would be a mega-bombshell. Or does he mean that the NFL allows him to use substances in his recovery that MLB would not? If he means something else, why not say so? Or is Brady merely guilty by association?

(Update – see comment section below for likely explanation.)


The Celtics lost a pair of reserve guards yesterday as Sam Cassell was traded to the Sacramento Kings (briefly causing panic on Patriots message boards when they saw the headline “Cassell traded for conditional second pick.”) and Tony Allen was lost until the playoffs because he needs surgery on his thumb.

Steve Bulpett looks why the Celtics made the Cassell move. Frank Dell’Apa and Marc J. Spears also look at the trade and the injury and what it means for the Celtics roster. Jeff Goodman says that the Celtics will likely not make a trade prior to tomorrow’s trade deadline. Scott Souza also looks at the events from yesterday.

Jeremy Gottlieb on the BSMW Full Court Press has an All Star Break report card for the Celtics. Jeff Howe has three keys to the second half for the Celtics. Patrick Gilroy has the Celtics prepping for the stretch run.

Bulpett’s notebook has more on the Celtics roster depth after the loss of Allen.


Karen Guregian wonders if the Patriots might go with a linebacker again in the first round of the draft this year. Mike Reiss and Guregian have the Patriots cutting a pair of reserves yesterday, perhaps to save some cap space.


9 thoughts on “Bruins Ruin Glen Wesley Night in Raleigh

  1. I think where Ron is going is that in the NFL, not only are the players that did cheat (Rodney and Izzo) get less negative coverage than in MLB, but also, we dont look at a player that made a sudden body change and performance rise (Brady) with the same scrutiny. We have all seen the picture of Brady in his shorts at the combine and compare that to what he looked like in his 2nd year. All that glowing coverage of what a workout warrior he became and adding 15 lbs of muscle…Im not saying he did steroids and not sure Ron is either, but we certainly dont question fottball players in this case the same way we do baseball.


  2. the only thing I can think of with the Borges reference is didn’t it come out that Brady had talked to Bonds’ trainer or something at one point? I don’t remember the details and it turned out to be nothing, but that’s the only thing I can think of that Borges is referencing.


    1. Yep, that’s exactly right, Tom. That must be what Borges is referring to. Thanks.

      I guess the fact that we forgot about it underscores Borges’ point that steroids are a much bigger deal in baseball than football.


  3. Why is Mr. Skin on D&C yet again?

    I guess they have to keep reminding everyone how much they love naked women. We love naked boobies! WE Really do!!!!!


  4. I think what Borges is implying is that Brady should be thankful because if not for the NFL’s supposed lenient policy of steroids detection/punishment, Brady might not be a 3 time Superbowl champ. I don’t agree with the sentiment, but i think that’s what Borges is getting at.


  5. It’s a reference to the Brady/Bonds trainer matter. It’s also ol’ Borgie taking the type of snide, cheap shots at the Patriots which made him famous before he humiliated himself by committing the mortal sin of journalism – namely, plagiarism, and more than once. What a hypocrite…


  6. So, I just read Tom Curran’s piece on saying Brady will be ready for the season. I loved that in it he says “nbc sports reported that brady wouldn’t be ready”. Um, Tom, wasn’t it YOU who reported it?


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