The news appears to be good regarding Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Brady made an appearance today at a Boys and Girls club as part of the Patriots Charitable Foundation, and he spoke for the first time to Boston reporters about his rehab from the knee injury suffered in the first game of the season.

Mike Reiss has the details, in two parts: Part I and Part II.

Tom E. Curran  also filed a report on Brady’s session. Curran gets a little cute with this part:

In late December, reported that the slowness of Brady’s rehab, the looseness in the ligaments and possible further surgery to remove the scar tissue buildup would muddy the waters on how the team would proceed with Brady’s backup, Matt Cassel. Cassel had a terrific 2008 in relief of Brady.

Of course, the person who reported all that FOR was none other than Tom Curran himself.

Neat trick Tom!


7 thoughts on “Brady Talks!

  1. I just emailed Curran about this and he emailed me right back. isn’t he on air with WEEI right now?…Anyway, I basicly just said he shouldn’t jump the gun like that cause he ends up looking stupid. Here was his reply >>>>>>

    Wait…so he didn’t have every issue I wrote later confirmed by the globe, etc? and it didn’t significantly muddy the water with cassel?

    Cuz it did.
    Tom Curran


  2. AOB: Wow. Tom Curran sounds like a moron. Did he really write “Cuz”? He’s just trying to distance himself from his “groundbreaking” story of a few months ago because every other report, even now from Brady’s own mouth, goes against what he said. Pathetic.


  3. yep…I pasted what he wrote me word for word….bottomline is, when Curran first “reported” the story he made it sound worse than it was, a classic case of panic mongering…..I’m no doctor but after someone has had his knee BLOWN OUT wouldn’t it be normal to have some “looseness in the ligaments” and some scar tissue at the beginning?…..I know not everbody gets an infection but you get my point. It was another case of a sportswriter trying to say, “THE SKY IS FALLING….THE SKY IS FALLING!”


  4. You posters (AOB, Tiff and Sam) are two-faced frauds. When Curran writes something positive about the Patriots, you think he’s the best. When he writes something negative, you think he’s a hack. Typical New England sports fans who are WAY too obsessed with the media. If you were half as obsessed with the well being of your children as you were with the media, you’d actually be decent parents.


    1. Nope. Always thought Curran was an idiot. Same with Butch Sterns, Steve Burton, Mike Felcher, Steve Buckley, Mazz, CHB, Borges.


  5. Oh Please MCJ…..It has nothing to do with being “positive” or “negative” it has to do with the fact that HE GOT THE STORY WRONG…..sorry, but these guys love to jump all over the players when they screw up, why shouldn’t they be held to the same standards?….they can criticize the teams all they want….is it asking too much that they GET IT RIGHT once in awhile?


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