OK. I’ll admit it.

I didn’t watch or listen to a second of the A-Rod press conference today. Further, I didn’t watch the A-Rod sit-down with Peter Gammons last week, either.

“Wait,” you say, “you run a sports media website, shouldn’t you be all over these events?”

Probably. But truth be told, I lost interest in the whole steroid thing a long time ago. It reached “Spygate” proportions for me before Spygate even existed.

Sure, I read “Game of Shadows” and I also read Howard Bryant’s underrated book “Juicing the game.” I understand that steroids are a problem in professional sports. They can provide an unfair advantage, not to mention they can come with great health risks later in life. Just ask the 1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers. Well, those of them still alive, that is.

There’s no way that baseball or any other sport is going to be able to handle this scandal in any way that is going to satisfy all. You can’t place asterisks on some records, or say that Hank Aaron is still the official All Time Home Run King even though he has less home runs than Barry Bonds.

We’re just going to have to accept that there was a steroid era in baseball.

Aside from the actual steroid useage, the biggest beef I have with this whole episode is the fact that so many in the media buried their heads in the sand on this story for years and years. In fact, many of them insisted that there was no steroid problem in baseball. Now, these same ones are leading the charge of exposing the problem, or conducting sit-down interviews with the players who have admitted to steroid use, and who have lied to them personally thoughout the years. Others surely knew that there was a problem, but never upset the apple cart.

The bottom line is that I’m so disgusted by all the principals involved in this matter that I’ve lost any interest in reading, listening or watching anything about it. What more can really be said about it? I fear that more names from the 104 positive steroid results will be released and we’ll have more and more A-Rod-like moments of tearful confessions, followed by heartfelt sitdowns with trusted media types.

I just know I won’t be watching.


6 thoughts on “Steroids Latest Media Bore

  1. You have an obligation to watch these kinds of things if you are going to host this type of column/web site. Your personal feelings about the topic notwithstanding.


  2. couldn’t agree more…..my point of view is, I’m an avid sports fan, but maybe I just don’t take sports “seriously” enough because I really don’t give a damn about steroids. It’s entertainment, not life and death. most realistic people have know that “performance enhancers” have been around FOR YEARS (alot of the media act like they were invented in 1998) Yes boys and girls we’ve rooted and cheered on many steroid users through the years. Isn’t it funny how the media that accuses fans of being “hero worshipers” are so upset about this? It is they who act like THIER heros have been exposed.

    I love sports and I love watching the games but I never put any of these athletes up on a pedestal to begin with. Maybe that’s why I’m not all upset about it now……PLAY BALL!


  3. I can understand being totally dismayed and desensitized by this. If an athlete can be found to have lied, everything else going forward is justifiably tainted. I’m totally on the side of Bruce here. Look at A-Rod’s pattern of deception in this case and with his wife. How does someone automatically conclude that ‘this time’ he’s telling the truth and that ‘this time’ he’s sincere? He’s playing, obviously, to the Hall of Fame voters with every bit of fake sincerity that he can muster. That’s what this is about: The Hall of Fame and A-Rod’s power-play to get in there.


  4. I wish Tony Eason would have used ‘roids…

    Other than that, bla – A-Rod just isn’t worth spending time on. He’s just another self-absorbed boor.


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